5 Amps Favored By Legendary Guitarists

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed if you’ve visited our Guitar Amp section before, there are a lot of great rig options out there for the modern guitarist. From affordable amps like the BOSS Katana or Marshall MS2 to metal accessories like the Fender Mustang GT40 Solid State, there are plenty of products we’d recommend. For a lot of aspiring and practiced musicians alike though, one of the best ways to sift through all the options is to follow the lead of a virtuoso.

5 Amps Favored By Legendary Guitarists

For that simple reason, we want to take a brief look at some of the most talented guitarists out there today and the amps they prefer to play with.

1 – Jake Kiszka

Greta Van Fleet’s Jake Kiszka is still relatively new on the scene but has already made a name for himself as one of the best active guitarists. A write-up at MusicRadar.com brought up the common comparison of Greta Van Fleet to Led Zeppelin, and noted that said comparison makes Kiszka “today’s answer to Jimmy Page.” That’s quite a concept to live up to, but many music-savvy listeners will agree that Kiszka appears to be up to the legacy. He’s both technically proficient and creative, equally at ease echoing classic sounds and pushing new boundaries. And at just 26 years of age, he’s establishing himself as one of the greats.

As for his gear, Kiszka has been known to use a Marshall JCM800 amp on stage. This amp costs upwards of $3,000 but is worth every penny for its simplicity and, as Marshall itself puts it, “rock status.”

2 – John Mayer

Say what you will about Mayer’s vaguely performative heartthrob status; in his youth, he could distract from his own music at times. With a guitar in his hands though, he’s about as pure a musician as there is in his generation –– having earned praise from the likes of Eric Clapton as a master of the instrument. Mayer makes a habit of playing everything from gentle, mesmerizing acoustic melodies to booming, improvised electric riffs at his shows –– and he uses some of the best equipment out there to help it all sound as good as it does.

Specifically, Mayer employs a Dumble app (a rare but spectacular piece) and a Two-Rock –– essentially the closest thing to a Dumble imitation. You can get your hands on a Two-Rock for a few thousand dollars.

3 – Scott Ian

Scott Ian has almost become better known for side hobbies than music in recent years. Specifically, he’s taken up poker quite seriously, and for a while dabbled as a professional. Ian famously played alongside Phil Hellmuth –– a man described as an “iconic” player and one of the most successful of all time. Together, Hellmuth and Ian served as ambassadors for the UltimateBet poker platform (for which Ian won an inaugural event), and Hellmuth has since spoken publicly about watching Ian play high-stakes hands.

That much overlap with a poker legend has made Scott Ian one of the most famous celebrity-turned-poker players. His rise to stardom, however, came via his role as the guitarist for the metal group Anthrax, with whom he was really one of the last great metal guitarists. Few as young as he is can play this specific genre of guitar quite as well as he can these days.

Ian’s favored amp over the years has been a Randall Signature Modular –– which he’s apparently fond of customizing to his own preferences.

4 – Gary Clark Jr.

While figures like John Mayer and Scott Ian are known beyond music (as heartthrob and poker pro respectively), Gary Clark Jr. is a modern creature of the stage. He’s about as pure a modern musician as you’ll find, and has been hailed as everything from Jimi Hendrix reincarnate to the greatest modern blues artist. He also has a legitimate argument for being the best guitarist alive today.

En route to establishing this reputation, Clark Jr. has favored a Fender Vibro-King –– a stellar 60-watt amp that can be found for anywhere from a little under $2,000 to a little over $3,000.

5 – Slash

Not unlike Scott Ian, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash has become known to younger generations for things beyond his music. For that matter, he too has made an impression on the poker world not as a brand ambassador or a pal of Phil Hellmuth’s, but simply as a known enthusiast. He’s even participated in an online event with Ian in the past! But for the most part, it’s the video game world that has defined Slash away from the stage these past few decades. He became one of the defining figures of the Guitar Hero sensation, and as LouderSound.com put it, this role “made him famous all over again.”

Above all else though, Slash is a classic rock guitarist, and one of the best there is. He’s been at it for several decades, so he’s undoubtedly gone through countless rigs. But as far as we can tell, GNR guitarist favors a Marshall JCM 25/50 2555 Silver Jubilee amp –– which you can get for under $2,500.

Again, there are countless options out there when it comes to amps. If you’re interested in inspiration from some of the most interesting guitarists in music though, the five above are worth checking out!

The main features that make Amps favored by legendary guitarist

Legendary guitarists use a variety of amps. Their sound depends on the type of amplifier they use. Some of the famous guitarists who favor Amps include Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Eric Johnson, and many more.

Here are the main features that make Amps favored by legendary guitarists:


Amps are great for both clean and distorted sounds. Amps are versatile because they are able to handle both clean and distorted sounds. There are a variety of amps for both clean and distorted sounds.


Amps have a lot of volumes. Amps have the power to produce a loud sound that is not harmful to the ears.

Amp Size

Amps are available in different sizes. Amps come in various sizes. Some of the popular amps are compact, medium, full-size, and custom-sized amps.


Amps can produce distortion. Amps distort the sound so that it is loud and clear. Amps are perfect for rock and blues music.

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