Best 4 Channel Amp For Door Speakers in 2023

Getting in a car without music can be amazing especially if you’re involved in a massive traffic jam. Plus, getting into a car with music can sometimes be magical. In a loud voice, However, the car speaker isn’t the best neither in quality nor in volume, and in the bass. This is where you consider taking your best 4 channel AMP for door speakers when you like music. But, guess what, most door-to-door speakers aren’t laid off. In this case, your best option is to get four channels.

Best 4 Channel Amp For Door Speakers

We’ve selected some of the best 4 channel AMP for door speakers, which will enhance the look of your factory audio system. Here is a list of the best 4 channel amp for door speakers so you can choose the best one for you.

  • PIONEER 4 Channel Amp For Door Speakers
  • Rockford Fosgate P600X4 Amp For Door Speakers
  • Rockville Krypton-M3 amplifier for door speakers
  • MTX Audio THUNDER75.4 amp for door speakers
  • Kenwood KAC-M300 4 Channel Amp For Door Speakers
  • Kicker CXA300 best car amp for 4 speakers
  • Alpine X-A70F 4/3/2 Channel Power Density Amplifier


1.PIONEER 4 Channel Amp For Door Speakers

To be our best, we have chosen PIONEER 4 Channel Amp. Keep in mind, this isn’t the best four-channel amplifier out there, but it’s perfect for door speakers. It’s compact, portable, easy to install. At the top, the sound quality and user interface are also amazing.

Boss AMP liked this setup, but after almost a year of service, it blew up a channel. The Pioneer GM-D8704 had specs that fit my setup needs, so I got one. Let me tell you, this little 1200 watt pioneer blew up this boss’s door. No comparison, not even close. I had no idea how good the sound of these 6×9 could be .. in both loudness and sound quality.

The build quality is solid and can easily withstand all collisions with your car. Ease of installation and stability go hand in hand. it’s easy to control and comes with a number of features to describe the talent. However, over time, one or two channels may stop working. The unit is not the cheapest but because of the quality it offers – it’s a good choice.

PIONEER 4 Channel Amp For Door Speakers


  • Great power and volume
  • Great product for its price
  • Very powerful unit!!!!
  • Affordable amp


  • The warranty is void
  • It gets a little hot
  • There may be a murmur


2. Rockford Fosgate P600X4 Amp For Door Speakers

Rockford is also a big name in the music industry, producing a number of high-quality music products over time. This Rockford AMP can take input from more sources than most sources with input sensitivity ranging from 150 mV to 12 volts. If you have 8 tracks, you may want to consider this APM.

Rockford AMP 100w goes up like Alpine. I think both amps have enough power for infinity. it has good control. The parametric bass EQ lets me select the bass frequency I wanted to increase and then get a separate control to adjust the bass level as you wish. Perfect boom … but not too much to interfere with the rest of the music, but not really there. Boom All the harmonics that were missing in Class-D AMP are now back.

But unfortunately, if you have a 4-ohm speaker, it is not performing well and you will get only 75 watts per channel. Also, it’s a bit expensive. However, it compensates for the easy-to-use control.

Rockford Fosgate P600X4 Amp For Door Speakers


  • Clean, powerful sound
  • Incredible Durability
  • Easy to install


  • 4 watts per channel 75 watts is not so good
  • Expensive


3.Rockville Krypton-M3 amplifier for door speakers

Looking for a budget-friendly AMP that won’t die after a while? If so, check out this Rockville AMP that is out of price. In fact, it will give you a clean and pleasant sound of its AB topology. It has 4000w Max/1000w of electricity but it cannot run at this standard. However, the volume it provides is not bad either.

With the help of clip gestures on the bass remote, you can quickly set any song to the right before cutting it in real-time. The high speed must power supply. Optical coupler class “D” technology. Fully adjustable 12 dB / active crossover with different circuitry.

Rockville Krypton-M3 amplifier for door speakers


  • This budget is friendly
  • Easy setup
  • Very clear voice


  • Heats up


4. MTX Audio THUNDER75.4 amp for door speakers

MTX is another brand that is brand new in the market, but it has made a name for itself in the market with great products like this. The Thunder Series 4 Channel AMP is the best bang for the buck AMP on our list. Through MTX, this AMP produces 100W RMS at 2 ohms and an amazing 75W at 4 ohms. This AMP is the best all-rounder with frequencies ranging from 15 Hz to 25 kHz, which is 5 Hz lower and KHz higher than any standard AMP.

It is the only other branch besides Alpine, with less than 1% THD. This deer is a bang for the buck. This combination brings a wide spectrum of mids/highs and lows to the vehicle. The factory makes Bose and Infinity stereos in my other cars. This amp is well spent, you won’t regret it. This little amp bangs! Run it on MTX terminators with power and it will pound the car. There are no extreme heat or protection mode discrepancies at the moment, just own this setup for more than a month.

This best 4 channel amp for door speakers is great. Its dead silence is a constant laugh in a cheap class D AMP without any music, which has no volume. It works well on power mids and heights. MTX is still great. As usual, some people do not know how to install a car amplifier and do not call it good. Have been using one for about 3 months and it’s a pleasure in my car. Set the benefit correctly and it won’t get too hot. Clip amplifier and improper gauge / using CCA wire is usually a crime if it gets too hot.

Best 4 Channel Amp For Door Speakers



  • Crystal Clear and Powerful.
  • Solid little amplifier
  • Compact


  • Expensive AMP


5. Kenwood KAC-M300 4 Channel Amp For Door Speakers

Just as Alpine and Kenwood have been at the forefront of making audio devices, they have been in the industry for decades and know the game well. This Kenwood AMP is a very compact unit. Compact enough to be used for motorcycle music systems. It has a switchable crossover, you can use it to create 4-channel or 2-channel bridges. Can use

This AMP has minor noise issues because the S / N ratio does not meet the standard close to 76 dB. The frequency is 20-20 kHz. It stands at 2 ohms with RMS watts of 75 W and 4 ohms with 50 W, which is really impressive considering the price point of view.

I also tested this small amp in 3 channel mode, using 6.5 “coaxial L2 channels and the other two channels are the same 10” 4 ohm MTX Blue Thunder subwoofer. AMP looked very clean and dynamic. I was playing back FLAC files through my Canwood KML-BT312U head unit in my toolbox boom box. I bought this AMP toolbox to use in Boom Box, was very happy with the performance, I also ordered 300 double monoblocks, KDC-M3001. When I come, I will check it and report the results.

Kenwood KAC-M300 4 Channel Amp For Door Speakers


  • Sounds great and doesn’t get hot
  • Powerful
  • Warm sound


  • it has just wires on a harness


6. Kicker CXA300 best car amp for 4 speakers

The kicker may not be as well-known as the other entries on our list, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not good. In fact, the cooker is one of the least expensive AMP on our list and is the best 4 channel AMP for money. Exactly better than the least expensive AMP on the market with an S / N ratio of 95 dB, which is great at this price. Its sensitivity ranges from 125 mV to 10V, making it great for running legacy head units.

The caviar here is that it’s the largest amp on the list, which is hard to fit, but it has a very efficient heat sink to cool the system so you need to worry about the heating problem. do not have.

Kicker CXA300 best car amp for 4 speakers



  • Great sound for the money
  • Huge improvement in volume and sound quality
  • Very crispy sound


  • Do not include built-in fuses
  • 75 watts at 2 ohms is too low


7. Alpine X-A70F 4/3/2 Channel Power Density Amplifier

Alpine is a leading brand in the automotive audio industry, which is why we brought this AMP from Alpine. This is the most expensive performing AMP. If you want the best audio quality, this AMP is for you.

The Alpine X-A70F produces 120W RMS per channel at 4 ounces. No other AMP on our list is able to do that. The Alpine X-A70F has a sound range of 5 Hz to 100 kHz. No one else comes close to these numbers. Also, it produces minimal noise at 115/95 dB. This is the largest AMP on our list. It comes with a Class D topology, so heat is not an issue here.

Alpine X-A70F 4/3/2 Channel Power Density Amplifier


  • Easy adjustable setting
  • The amplifier is an active crossover
  • Clean sound and high accuracy


  • The most expensive AMP on our list


Buying Guide – Best 4 Channel Amp for Door Speakers

Are you still confused about which amp to choose? If so, you can equip yourself with the knowledge for the best information. Here are some things you can do with a door speaker

Sound Quality- You want the sound to be as clear as possible without distortion. The lower the THH, the better. You can calculate the percentage of distortion on the units you are testing. You also want less noise with the sound. However, loud, the noise tends to get to it for physical reasons. The higher the SNR ratio, the better. Because then there will be less noise to disturb the quality.

You want the sound to be evenly distributed. When you are considering some species, you want to distribute them in different ways. This is where the filter comes in. If you want a high pass filter to maximize sound, a pass for the exact opposite pass.

Power-  The best combination of your 4-channel amplifier on the market, which has introduced you to Silver Platter. Many of them are versatile, and you can customize them to your liking. And if you still don’t like any of them, no worries, you can use our Buyer’s Guide to find 4 tailor-made channels for yourself.

Topology- There are 4 different types of channel amps and the most popular are A / B and D – two complete opposites. The AB-type topology is Blacker, an old-school standard that cannot be compared. The D-Type, on the other hand, is a simpler unit with slightly lower sound quality than the previous type. However, with modern development, you can find a little bit in both. It’s up to you what kind of preference you have. For car – D type or a compact AB-type would be best.

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