Best 4 channel amplifier car audio 2000 watt | 4 channel amp 2000 watt

You get the best 4 channel amplifier car audio 2000 watt for your new car speaker system. If you don’t know much about 4 channel amplifier car audio, this article will clarify a few things and give you some tips on what to look for when buying a 4 channel amplifier car amp and what to avoid. We will explain the purpose of a car amp, tell you about the different types of car amps, and discuss the power rating, which is at least in our opinion when it comes to car amps. So that’s the most controversial topic.

We’ve also made a short guide for buyers where you can find all the important specs you might want to consider when buying an AMP. If you think you know everything you need to know about car MPS and you just want to see some great tips, you can head over to our list of best 4 channel amplifier car audio 2000 watts MPS ۔

Best 4 channel amplifier car audio 2000 watt

When you buy a car, it usually comes with a basic audio system. If you really like music and prefer to listen to hard-hit drum bass and crisp, clear heights and hoarseness, you’ll want to invest in some later audio equipment, such as a Best 4 channel amplifier car audio 2000 watt.

Our shopping guide below provides some of the Best 2000 Watt Amp For Your Car In 2021 in the market. Whether you want to buy the best 4 channel AMP for money or you have an audio file that doesn’t mind spending a little more for the premium model, we have to cover you.

Each Best 4 channel amplifier car audio 2000 watt from my list will fit based on your demand and budget. All these products come from reputable and famous brands. The important thing is that it includes a variety of features to adjust the power according to your preferences.


List of 2000 watt 4 channel car amplifier

  • BOSS Audio Systems AR2000M 2000 watt 4 channel amp
  • Skar Audio Skar Audio SKv2-2500 4 channel amp 2000 watt
  • Rockville DBM45 4-channel 2000-watt Peak
  • Hifonics BRX2016.1D 2000 watt 4 channel car amplifier
  • Lanzar VCT4110 2000 wat 4 Channel Car Audio Amplifier


1. BOSS Audio Systems AR2000M 2000 watt 4 channel amp

Boss Audio Systems is a well-known brand in the world of audio systems. And this AMP – AR2000M – is actually a solid device that can output a maximum of 2000 watts at 2 ohms through a single channel or 1,000 watts at 4 ohms. But what makes this product stand out is the remote subwoofer control. This allows you to adjust the bass sound no matter what you are doing or where you are, the way you want to play your music.

If you need a well-known AMP, you can easily control low and high-level input filters using low pass crossover and boss boost functions. Just note that this amplifier may overheat and then automatically shuts off for long-term use.

1.BOSS Audio Systems AR2000M Monoblock Car Amplifier


  • Variable low pass crossover
  • Easy to setup
  • Remote subwoofer control


  • Heat issues


2.Skar Audio Skar Audio SKv2-2500 4 channel amp 2000 watt

Sukkur Audio has been described as a popular car audio brand in the United States since 2012, and the RP-2000.1D is a powerful AMP in SCAR’s RP line. Although it is rated at 2,000 watts per 1 ohm, it can generate a maximum of 2,800 watts depending on its actual output. This means it can easily handle one or two subs for an extended period.

When it comes to built-in quality, the Scar Audio RP-2000.1D looks great with its dark design, which gives the impression of strength and durability. As a reliable must-have power supply and a PCB board, this animal actually surpasses other amps in the market. . The important thing is that, while running on electricity, it runs cool and efficiently.

Best 4 channel amplifier car audio 2000 watt


  • Included remote control
  • Cool even after extended use
  • 2-year warranty


  • Expensive


3. Rockville DBM45 4-channel 2000-watt Peak

The Rockville DB12 2021 is the best capable 2000 watt amp for your car. For starters, the budget, unlike other budget mono amps, provides a checklist number to the industry standard CEA 2006 Powerwell! The fact is that the lab tests are actually performed to exceed its rated power. Not in Budget AMP, DB12 also includes a Certified Power Certificate. You won’t find it anywhere else, and that’s a wonderful thing in my opinion. The power of CERMS ratings means you are guaranteed to find a member who delivers as promised.

The high pass crossover is adjustable and reaches a maximum of 750 Hz while the low pass is adjusted at 200 Hz. 4 gauge capable power connection terminals and well-made, secure speaker wire terminals that you like have been designed with an excellent design. However, it does not provide speaker-level input. This is some serious power for an Amp that you can find Best 4 Channel Amp Under 100 Dollars.

Best 4 channel amplifier car audio 2000 watt




  • All channels on the amplifier are bridgeable
  • The bottom panel is aluminum and rusty
  • Fully adjustable


  • Short term warranty



4.Hifonics BRX2016.1D 2000 watt 4 channel car amplifier

Hifonics BRX2016 Best 4 channel amplifier car audio 2000 watt. It is a normal size measuring 17.7 inches x 9.8 inches x 2.4 inches. It also weighs a lot of pounds. This means you can fit it into most cars without any problems. The amps of the hyphens were quite popular in the ’90s. They were very powerful and reliable but they were also very expensive. Nowadays, Hypnic is a budget brand. Their AMPs are cheap

The amplifier has low RCA inputs as well as balanced inputs. It does not have high level (speaker level) input. It also has slave-in and slave-out RCA ports for strapping. You have a variable low pass and subsonic filters. The low pass crossover range extends from 35 Hz to 250 Hz, while the subsonic crossover range extends from 15 Hz to 35 Hz.

Best 4 channel amplifier car audio 2000 watt


  • Adjustable bass boost frequency
  • balanced inputs


  • It does not contain speaker level input


5- Lanzar VCT4110 2000 wat 4 Channel Car Audio Amplifier

The Lanzer VCT4110 is specially designed from the bottom to provide quality sound in a strong form factor. A Hz-250Hz variable Low pass: 40Hz -250Hz variable input level gain control: 6v-200mv Boss Boost Boost Switch, so your speakers will always be provided with the highest audio

To improve your music, this product features low/high pass variable crossover for efficiency and precise control. Speaker/subwoofer terminals guarantee high conductivity and minimal signal loss. Lanzer VCT4110 2000 Watt 4 Channel Car Audio Amplifier Powerful Amplifier High-performance output is equipped with metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors for quick switching to full immobility.

Best 2000 Watt Amp For Your Car In 2021


  • Full range crossover
  • 1000W RMS / 2000W Max Power


  • No subsonic filter


Why should you go for  2000 Watt Amp For Your Car?

Because 2000 watts of amp creates a huge amount of power to improve the sound quality as well as increase the volume without spending your budget. Of course, there are many 2000 watt amp products on the market that are considered the best choice for audio setup. Let’s help you choose the top. Take another look below.If you need something strong enough to power and brighten your speaker system. Therefore, any type of speaker upgrade requires an amplifier. Adding new speakers to your small built-in AMP will make it difficult to achieve the desired results.

Why do I need a car amplifier?

If you already have an amplifier in your car, why buy a branded amplifier. Well, in simple words, the basic amplifiers that come with the car that integrates into the head unit are not very good. Most car owners do not base their purchasing decisions on whether the car’s factory stereo looks great, which means that carmakers do not have the necessary reason to use high-quality components. so if you love high-quality sound then you can buy the best 2000 Watt Amp For Your Car In 2021.


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