Best 4 Channel Motorcycle Amplifier | Motorcycle amplifier 4 channel

Best 4 Channel Motorcycle Amplifier

Best 4 Channel Motorcycle Amplifier Imagine the long road ahead of you and the only sound of renting air is the mechanical engine of your bicycle engine?
The trip will soon be boring, won’t it?

Now, imagine as you wrap up your journey with cool, cool music playing in the background. You will feel happier, and you will go for two more walks!

The Best 4 Channel Motorcycle Amplifier systems feature an amp that performs exactly like the types of amps used in your car or home entertainment system. They are designed to amplify the sound of your audio system so you can hear clear, high-quality music when riding, especially at high speeds. Best 4 Channel Motorcycle Amplifier shopping guide will guide you to the best units in the market.

That’s the difference the HUGE amp can make on a motorcycle in your riding. It boosts the power and quality of sound signals from your music devices – making your long journey fun and addictive. That said, buying a really good motorcycle is no longer practiced.

Best 4 Channel Motorcycle Amplifier

Many bikers are guilty of rushing to buy an amp depending on their power rating … and missing out on some key factors that determine the amp’s performance. In this guide, we will reveal to you what makes the motor more suitable for your bike. Also, we will provide you with a list of the hottest amps on the market today.


List of Best 4 Channel Motorcycle Amplifier 2021





Kenwood KAC-M1804 Compact 4-channel Amplifier

Rear Left/Right audio RCA inputs.

DS18 CANDY-MICRO2 Amplifier

80 Watts max. power output

Soundstream Stealth Series 1200W Class D 4 Channel Amplifier

Variable high and low pass filters

Gravity GBR300.4DM True 600- Digital 4-Channel Full Range Amplifier

Big power in a nice compact size

Water Resistant Bluetooth Marine 4 Channel Class A/B Amplifier

 Very loud, Easy Install, Awesome Product!


1.Kenwood KAC-M1804 Compact 4-channel Amplifier

Kenwood KAC-M1804 Compact 4-channel Amplifier

If you want the Best 4 Channel Motorcycle Amplifier to be used in the marine environment, this is it. This amp comes with a secure circuit board that prevents corrosion and corrosion – making it viable for aquatic/aquatic environments.

Like our amp discussed earlier, this model comes with an amazingly compact design … but packs a powerful performance that’s sure to push the sound of your motor.

A 4 channel amp that will pump your motorcycle music program with 45 Watts RMS per channel. This means that it produces a total power of 400Watts, which is higher than what we saw in our previous model.

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Its intricate design means that it takes up less space on the edges of your bike or anywhere else.

Another thing you can appreciate in this model is its high-temperature aluminum skiing. This helps to prevent an excess of the amp and reduces its operation.

This Kenwood is a great amp for your motorcycle if you live around the marine / aquatic areas. Its intricate design makes it take up less space. It also has a powerful output that lets you power your motorcycle speakers with the best quality sound (music) you add to your ride.


  • Compact digital amplifier
  • Extruded aluminum heat sink
  • Max. power output: 400 Wats


  • you can’t control the bass levels with this unit.


2.DS18 CANDY-MICRO2 Amplifier | Best 4 Channel Motorcycle Amplifier

DS18 CANDY-MICRO2 Amplifier

If you think all the available amps are too big for your bike, this small motorcycle amplifier will prove otherwise. The device comes in an extremely compact housing (measuring 80.2 L x 124 W x 27 H mm) that fits in the palms of your hands… and just about anywhere on your boat.

BUT… don’t let its size fool you into using it. This little guy will pump a lot of energy when used. It has a maximum power output of 320, which is a sure way to boost your music beat.

The adjustable amp gives you impressive RMS ratings at different levels of distortion. At 4ohms for 2 x 65W per channel or 2ohms for 80W per channel, then 4 ohms for 160W per channel.

Installing an amp is very easy and fast. As it comes with both 2 and 4 channel modes, you will have the opportunity to choose a model that meets your audio amplification needs.

For bicyclists with limited space on their motorcycles, the DS18 is a good choice for you. This magnifier has so little design that it can fit in your hands. It sounds simple as a pen and has a pocket-friendly cost. Despite its small size, the amp will add some juice to your system with refreshing music that takes you to the end of the road.


  • Smallest and lightest high quality amp
  • Signal signal signal: 80dB
  • Rated 80Watts max
  • 2 channels and 4 channels
  • Powerful, booming sound


  • Not waterproof
  • No remote control option

3.Soundstream Stealth Series 1200W Class D 4 Channel Amplifier

Soundstream Stealth Series 1200W Class D 4 Channel Amplifier

This is Class D, a 4-channel amplifier that is small but acts like a real monster – capable of producing 1200Watts worth of powerful music.

A good adjustable amp gives you bridged full-range performance at 4ohms or 2ohms as stereo. It also provides you with a MOSFET power supply with Audi file-grade IRTM transistors for optimal performance. Because it also comes with high pass and low pass filters, this amp will remove your favorite tracks giving you less of a clean beat!

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And unlike many amps out there, the circuit board for this model is made using PCT in the SMT range for a solid, robust operation.

Don’t forget that this motorcycle converter into an aluminum altered heat sink for high temperatures. This ensures that the amp does not burn, no matter where you measure it on your bike.

Installed commands make it easy for you to install this amp. And an integrated builder warranty is sure to give you seamless shopping experience.


  • 1200W Class D 4 channel amp
  • Original builder’s original warranty
  • Military-grade district board
  • High pass and low pass filters


  • Not very loud

4.Gravity GBR300.4DM True 600- Digital 4-Channel Full Range Amplifier

Gravity GBR300.4DM True 600-Watt RMS Micro Ultra Compact Digital 4-Channel Full Range Amplifier

The final product in our release of the best motorcycle amps goes to this Gravity 600-Watt model. This  is Best 4 Channel Motorcycle Amplifier is a full-size model, so it covers the entire audio range and can be used by many subwoofers.

We love that this is one of the few motorcycle extensions that support the installation of bridges. Comes with integrated curved technology that lets you use two channels for delivering the best audio output possible to your program speakers.

You can choose to open 2ohms or 4ohms independent of the 600 RMS with this amplifier, both of which deliver a unique sound experience.

High-quality, low-resolution, and full pass-through content, this enhancement will allow you to easily adjust your direct-output audio system.

Remember that this amp provides IPX65 waterproof rating to allow it to withstand radiation. It also comes with a compact design that lets you fit anywhere near your motorcycle.


  • 4-channel full-distance at amp
  • High, low, and full filtering
  • Waterproof rating is IPX65
  • Combined with the technology used


  • Can overheat

5.Water-Resistant Bluetooth Marine 4 Channel Class A/B Amplifier


This Velex is one of the best motorcycle amps for the Blugs function at an attractive price. It enables you to pair your smartphone or other Bluetooth compatible devices on it and listen to your favorite tracks while riding.

The 4-channel amplifier has a total power output of 50Watts at 4ohms. This means it can work with multiple speakers – including subwoofers, 2oms, and 4-ohm speakers.

In addition to Bluetooth technology, this amp also comes with USB output, which gives you the option of connecting a USB device and streaming your favorite music. Or you can use this USB port to charge your mobile devices.

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This is the A / B expansion phase, which just means it falls into the category of top music producers. It has a secret coating on the printed circuit board, which ensures complete protection from moisture and humidity.

Overall, this is one of the least expensive options for bikes that require a Bluetooth-enabled amplifier. It is easy to install, and its small design means it can fit anywhere. It emits excellent sound quality and comes adjustable to survive in the harsh sea or marine weather.



  • Ideal for marine environment
  • Bluetooth wireless connection
  • The compact 4-channel amp
  • Great for ATV


  • No FM radio.


How Much Energy Do I Need for My Bike Amp?

This area can be somewhat of a mining area due to the fact that most sound equipment comes with many power ratings. For optimal results, you should pay close attention to the RMS motor power rating. This is a reasonable estimate of how much power the amp can put on consistently. This rating should be a straightforward or very close match to the strength requirements of your basket. There is no one size fits all when choosing an amp bike because most motorcycle systems are highly customizable. But whatever you choose, make sure that it has enough power to feed all the components needed for your audio system.

How Many Features Can A Bicycle Amplifier Hold?

Don’t be fooled by the small size of motorcycle amplifiers. Some of these bad guys can put a certain amount of inappropriate content on other instruments designed to make your experience better. From excellent features, motor amplifiers include bass boost, high and low-speed filters, and speaker level input. High and low-frequency filtering ensures that your amplifier amplifies the desired frequency. Remember, you are still working on a motorcycle, so you have to save space by choosing your features.


A: Choose a place where you can easily access the amp. Options include a purse, a grab bag, and a tank bag. The most important thing is to make sure that the audio input is available for use with a smartphone, USB device, etc.


A: Depending on what type of amp you buy, you can plug it into a battery or directly from a power source for a desk.



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