Best 5 channel car amplifier 2021

Getting the best possible music sound in your car is a priority for many people and this is why they choose music boxes. They are quite expensive and if you are just starting out you’re not sure if you can afford them, but there are ways to do it at an affordable price.

Many of you are looking for ways to improve your car’s audio quality. If you are one of them, amplifiers are exactly what you need. The best 5 channel car amp is a great choice for running the entire system. An external amplifier is a great addition to improve your car’s sound system.

There are many different technologies that can be used to convert a car’s audio signal into a more powerful signal. There are, for example, car stereos that have a built-in amplifier that’s used to drive the audio channels of the car. There are also satellite radio receivers, Bluetooth systems, and a number of other devices that can add to the power generated from the car’s audio system.

The car audio industry is getting increasingly popular, but not everyone is aware of it. It’s easy to find eco-friendly stereos that are affordable and can be connected easily to your TV through an HDMI cable, but what if you want the best sound quality for not a lot of money? If you want to be able to enjoy your favorite songs in the car without worrying about breaking the bank, then you need better speakers and more powerful amps. This article will show you the top 5 channel car amp currently available on the market, and will also tell you why it’s important

Why should I use a 5 channel Car amp?

If you have four door speakers and one subsidiary, you will need a maximum of two amp. To help you achieve maximum performance of your speakers. It is necessary. With the availability of the best 5 channel car amp these days, you don’t need more than one amp. Investing directly in the best 5 channel car amp will save you space and money.

they often have minor feature differences. For example, since they are capable of operating the entire sound system in your car, most people have an input selection switch. A 2/5 channel switch allows sending signals to all 5 MP channels from just 2 channel stereo input. This is a great option if you are limited by your specific car stereo. Many models, unlike 4-channel amplifiers, are capable of extracting subwoofer bass signals from the rear or all 4 input signals, as a dedicated subwoofer requires input.

In this article, we’re going to list down the best 5 car amplifiers that will help you receive the best audio quality possible. Besides the 5 channels available on the audio output, each of these amplifying channels have their own unique features. If you want to improve the quality of your audio, you’ll need an amplifier. Car amplifiers are built with the purpose of improving the sound quality for people who like to listen to music while driving.




Best 5 Channel Car Amp



what is the best 5 channel car amplifier?

5 channel car amplifiers are an excellent choice for running the entire system from one amp. However, they are not all equal in terms of quality, strength, features, and especially value. Below you will find several best-priced 5 channel amplifiers for your money. All the best choices are the ones I would recommend to anyone who wants the best for their dollars.




Rockford Fosgate best budget 5 channel car amplifier

BOSS Audio Systems PV3700 5 Channel Car Amp

Polk Audio PA D5000 5 channel amplifier car audio

Pioneer GM-D9705 Class-D 5 channel amp for car

Planet Audio best 5 channel car amp

Memphis 16-PRX5.550 budget 5 channel car amp

1.Rockford Fosgate best budget 5 channel car amplifier

This punch amp from Rockford Fosgate is the perfect solution for powering a sub and a front/rear system. You can also use it to power a dedicated sub. Rockford Fosgate engineers made sure that this amp delivers the best sound possible. It has been designed with Class A/B + Class BD (Sub) topology, on-board Punch EQ with +18dB boost @ 45Hz, variable 12 dB/Oct Butterworth crossovers, and a large 8 inch.

Punch’s Rockford Fosgate Punch P1000X5 1000 Watt Amplifier is powered by the pure power of a 5 Channel Class A/B + Class BD (Sub) amplifier. This best 5 channel car amp is Ready to Rock at 1000 watts RMS, which is more than enough to power a front/rear system and a dedicated subwoofer. The amplifier features Class A/B + Class BD (Sub) topology, on-board Punch EQ with +18dB.

The Rockford Fosgate P1000X5 Cartoon 5 Channel Amplifier works best to power your entire car audio system. Each of the Rockford Fosgate R600X5 4s is designed to supply 75 watts and has a fifth channel for a subwoofer that can produce equipment up to 300 watts. It effectively powers your sound system and gives a good result. In order to get the most out of your speakers, it promotes Rockford Fossgate cartoons in addition to Rock high and low pass filters to help you get the most out of the speaker.

It’s fairly easy to install and looks great, and the subwoofer volume control is a nice feature. However, the amp may overheat, which may cause it to shut down. Also, some channels may burn out over time, and the unit may fail in a short time. It is firmly built and has enough power to run all five channels with a good balance. It provides good bass, and the clarity is crisp and sharp.

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Rockford Fosgate Punch P1000X5 1000 Watt 5 Channel Amplifier


  • High quality ingredients
  • Excellent sound quality


  • higher price

2.BOSS Audio Systems PV3700 5 Channel Car Amp

‘The Boss Audio PV3700 is a 5 channel car amplifier that features such features as variable bass boost and variable gain control. It also features a unique topology, Class ‘A’ amplifiers, and a Class ‘B’ output section which allows it to power a full range of speakers in any application. The amp has an output power of 550 watts per channel at 4 ohms or 275 watts per channel at 2 ohms. The amp also features variable gain control.

This is a great piece for the garage, home theater, or small venue. With the ability to power four 4-ohm speakers at 2ohms and two 2-ohm speakers at 4ohms, this unit produces a lot of sounds. The front channel’s bass boost makes it ideal for home theater applications where the bass tracks are not as clear. The unit can also be connected to an outdoor, in-wall 6V speaker system with the optional external power supply.

A perfect match for your mobile audio system, this is the best 5 channel amp is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a great-sounding home-theater solution. Designed to meet the needs of serious car audio enthusiasts, this powerful amplifier provides exceptional power output to drive any speaker in multiple configurations. The Class ‘A’ topology delivers clear mids and highs, with a smooth bass response that will make your music sound as good as it can be. With a power rating of 550 watts, x 4 channels bridged

The Boss Audio PV3700 Phantom is an affordable best 5 channel car amp, with some great features that you wouldn’t expect at its price point. It’s incredibly efficient and extremely easy to use. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what a peak power of 3700 watts can do with your audio system. Its A / B circuitry enhances sound quality and audio output and reduces potential distortion.

The power supply increases the efficiency of the amp and reduces the heat output. this best budget 5 channel car amplifier is very flexible when it comes to high and low-level inputs. You can easily control the speakers passing through your speaker and subwoofer. Its safety features are extremely reliable. You don’t have to worry about excessive heat or damage from a recent surge while listening to your favorite music at the best quality. Finally, the multi-LED backlight is a prominent eye-catcher and gives the AMP an aesthetic angle.

BOSS Audio Systems PV3700 5 Channel Car Amplifier


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Low/High Level Inputs


  • No fuse

3. Polk Audio PA D5000 5 channel amplifier car audio

 The Polk Audio PAD5000 is the ideal best 5 channel car amplifier for your vehicle. The PAD5000’s thermal and DC offset protection features safeguard against unsafe conditions.
The D5000 uses the same components as other Polks in its class and is fully compatible with other third-party upgrades, external amps, and digital processors. With the same great sound, no-compromise features, and legendary Polk craftsmanship, PAD5000 is a 5-channel amplifier car audio. It provides 5-speaker 400 watts peak power, with peak power, available speaker outputs are 4, 2, and 1.It can be used for the factory speakers.

One of the smallest and lightest best 5 channel car amp on our list, this unit sends 70 watts RMS to each speaker and 500 watts RMS to the subwoofer. Due to its size, it can fit anywhere in your car. It also has the ability to accommodate high and low pass filters, and the stainless steel case will not rust. The sound is outstanding and speeds up your entire setup without breaking the fast sweat. Easy to install, configure and adjust.

Pool Audio Class D technology and distortion-free music with its adjustable high and low pass filter Its essential power supply ensure efficient use of energy during sound production. This best 5 channel car amp also cools by drawing heat from its internal components. Regarding its construction, this  5 channel car amp is built to last. Its coated PB board and stainless steel part generally do not adapt even in harsh environments.

Polk Audio PA D5000.5 900W RMS, 5-Channel Class D


  • It’s not too hot
  • Bass level remote control
  • Universal Fit


  • Higher price


4.Pioneer GM-D9705 Class-D 5 channel amp for car

It has a 5-channel RMS rating of 200 watts for each speaker and a 350-watt rating for all. It comes with high and low pass filters that enable you to control the bass level. You don’t have to worry about the best 5 channel amp that will fit as it can fit comfortably in most car models. Additionally, setting up a user-friendly installation guide can take you for a walk in the park.

You can connect this best 5 Channel Car Amp to any factory system without an RPA connection as it comes with speaker-level information. High and low pass filters help you adjust your car’s acoustics to suit your needs. And with a wired remote boost, you can control bass production from the comfort of your seat.

One of the only Pioneer GM-D9705 Class-D 5-Channel Amplifier is the affordable best 5 channel car amp on the market today. You have enough power for any system, not just an AMP, but a well-developed Pioneer GM-D9705. ۔It uses Pioneer’s advanced technology in Class D switching technology to produce powerful, clear, and crisp music with less space and less heat. You’ll find the Boss L4 4 main (feasible) full-range channels

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Pioneer GM-D9705 Class-D 5-Channel Amplifier


  • Good Sound quality
  • Class D performance and low temperature
  • High quality wiring terminals


  • There is no light in the accent


5.Planet Audio best 5 channel car amp

Planet Audio AC1850.5 5 Channel Car Amplifier is one of the few amplifiers in the market that offers both a Class A/B topology that ensures more power while at the same time having a low operating temperature. It has a powerful 300 watts output with adjustable sensitivity control on each channel with a power amp and 5-way speaker binding posts. The AC1850.5 also includes features like a 3-way speaker selector and auto EQ for better sound quality. 

The Planet Audio 5 channel car amp is built for the discriminating audio enthusiast with a high-performance input stage and a powerful output section that provides clean, low distortion power. The AC1800.5 features an all-new topology that offers improved performance and design layout without any significant compromises. The single-ended Class A/B circuit has been optimized to provide a high-current, high-power output stage with high efficiency and low distortion. 

The MOSFET power supply planet’s audio class A / B full range amplifier is 1,800 watts and 2-4 ohms stable. This variable comes with boosting bass, so you can control the exact amount of bass you want to output, and it’s workable, allowing you to connect two channels. It’s great for upgrading your car and easily powers ordinary speakers. There are many adjustments to make your system synchronized to your liking.

Our selection for the best 5 channel car amp for money comes from Planet Audio. One of the things we like about it is that it comes with a cable and a remote subwoofer control so you can control the bass from the front seat. Not only that. Not only can it power your subwoofer, but it can also run up to 4 speakers. Variable high and low pass filters allow you to control the frequency of both speakers and subwoofers. This 300-watt amp can handle the power needs of midsize systems. The 600-watt bridged channel can handle a pair of Infinity speakers, a subwoofer, or a pair of bookshelf speakers. The system also comes with remote control.

Planet Audio 5 Channel Car Amplifier


  • Mosfet Power Supply
  • Variable Boss Boost
  • Class A/B Topology


  • There is a tendency to blow the channel

6. Memphis 16-PRX5.550 budget 5 channel car amp

Memphis Car Audio has made its mark in the industry with its high-quality performance and distinctive styling. This iconic Memphis stereo amplifier provides an affordable option for those looking to upgrade their system. It is compatible with Bose, Kicker, Alpine, Kenwood, and many other brands. The rugged amp features a 5-channel design that is capable of powering 4-ohm speakers and a 200-watt channel for a 2-ohm speaker. It also features a variable gain system that allows users to customize the

The Memphis 16-PRX5.550 is a powerful 600W 5-Channel amplifier that delivers power and performance at an affordable price. The amplifier features a High Current MOSFET Power Supply for low distortion and great sound quality. The integrated Crossover Network offers the speaker protection needed to allow the amplifier to deliver full performance at all of its channels.

This Car Amplifier from Memphis Sound by the name of 16-PRX5.550 is a high-quality fantastic unit that is sure to make any car audio system stand out. The easy to install 5 channel amplifier packs some serious power under the hood. Equipped with high current MOSFETs, this amplifier was built to keep up with the demand of today’s demanding systems. With its easy to operate controls and all the features you would expect, you will not get disappointed with

This best 5 channel car amp comes with all the features needed to have great-sounding stereo sound at very affordable prices. Memphis is an advanced best budget 5 channel car amp that we researched. We had remote-level control from it. Also, you get high and low pass filters so you can control the speaker frequency. It keeps the boss where it wants to be and helps reduce distortion.

Security features are also in place. Aluminum chassis regulates temperature. Also, there is short circuit and overload protection so it really helps you to stick to things that are annoying if you don’t monitor them. This is a great way to power up your speakers and subwoofers and really change the performance of your car’s sound system.

Memphis 16-PRX5.550 5-Channel


  • MOSFET power supply
  • Remote level control
  • Low pass filters Variable infrasonic filters


  • Can run hot at maximum power


What to keep in mind before taking 5 Channel Car Amp?

When you have finalized the purchase of the best 5 channel car amp for your car audio system, you should keep in mind that the best 5 Channel Car Amp is not the same. They all come with different features, and you want to find a high-quality tool that will meet the needs of both you and your system. These features can range from power output to frequency response, size and accessibility.

If you want to improve the sound quality of your car but do not know where to start. Are you confused about considering 5 Channel AMP vs 2 AMP? Don’t just close your eyes to the most expensive car amp! We’ve researched some of the top brands to help you consider the best 5 channel amp. But before you buy the best 5 channel car amp, you need to know a few things.

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Power – One of the first things you need to consider when buying the best budget 5 channel car amplifier is whether it matches the power requirements of your audio system. However, the goal is to improve your music, and volume and bass are top priorities. Your speaker and each has a specific power rating called RMS and MAX. Use these ratings when choosing the best 5 channel car amp for sound quality.

Adjustable Equalizer – If you want to gain maximum control over your sound system, choose an amp with an adjustable equalizer. It basically lets you adjust parts of the sound all around so you can customize it.

Bridgeability –You need to consider this feature whether the amp is portable or not. Although the best 5 channel amp is designed for a five-channel system, you can still use the same amp as long as it is Brackley. Fortunately, many amp has this capability, so finding them is not difficult.

This is an attractive feature because it gives you more flexibility for your system. In the future, for example, you can rebuild your car’s audio system. If your amp bridge is capable, you will be able to do so without the need for adding an amp.

Which is better 4 channel vs 5 channel amp? 

Our research shows that many car owners find it difficult to choose between a 4-channel and a 5-channel amplifier. In general, there are some situations where either of these two types can be used. Choosing one option over another depends on your overall goal.

We will look for joint applications for 4 channel vs 5-channel amp, which we hope will find a situation that is relevant to your needs so that you can decide what type of suit suits you. First, let’s look at the difference between a 4 channel vs a 5-channel amp.

1. Channels

A 4 channel transmits electricity to four different channels. Accordingly, a 5-channel amp supplies power to 5 separate channels. For each of the two types of AMPs, the amount of power of each channel is equal, assuming that no bridge is built.

2. Bridging

Many 4-channel amp bridges can be built. Bridging involves connecting two channels together, where the newly created channel has half an ounce that makes it. So, you can create a 4-channel bridge in a 2-channel or 3-channel configuration. A 2 channel setup will combine the four channels into two pairs to create the result.  For a 3-channel configuration, you combine the two channels to power a subwoofer and use the other two channels to power the two mid-range drivers separately.

5 channel amps are designed to provide complete system amplification. That way, even though they are capable of bridging, many people do not need to be bridged. A staff of 5 channels will offer four channels dedicated to medium distance speakers (usually car doors) and one channel for the subwoofer.

A powerful 5-channel AMP is an easy solution for a large subwoofer system as it saves you the hassle of burglary. The 4 channels with the bridge can still work well in such a system, but if you choose this option, you have to consider the challenges and ups and downs of the bridge.

3. Space and cost

Consideration of space and cost is most important when you are faced with the option of installing a mono amp or 5 channel amp in addition to a 4 channel amplifier. This is a very common situation for many car audio fans who want to power four mid-range speakers and a subwoofer.

In a place where space is limited, you want to go better with a 5 channel amplifier as this eliminates the need to install two separate amplifiers. In addition, the total cost of adding a 5-channel AMP (including all acquisition and installation costs) is likely to be no less than the cost of installing two separate amp.


Frequently Asked Questions ( FRQs)


What does 5 channel amp mean?

The 5 channel amplifier is a great option for those who want an advanced audio system. A four-class A / B channel consisting mostly of 5 channels, designed for door speakers, as well as a fifth-class D subwoofer channel located in the same chassis. For this reason, the 5 channels amplifiers of choice for many “stealth” or hidden installations, and in other installations where space is minimal.

How many speakers can a 5 channel AMP have?

A staff of 5 channels will offer 4 channels dedicated to medium distance speakers (usually car doors) and one channel for the subwoofer. A four-class A / B channel consisting mostly of 5 channels amp, designed for door speakers, as well as a fifth-class D subwoofer channel located in the same chassis.

Do I need a 5 channel amp?

If you still want to run four speakers instead of two for your front stage while providing an additional subwoofer channel, 5 channel amps are a good option. Again, this may be an effective measure of space and cost savings, but like the 4 channel amp in bridge mode, it still does not provide adequate power for large subwoofers.

Who manufactures the best 5 channel amplifier?

5 Channel AMP has a wide range of manufacturing companies. Here are some of them:
Polk Audio

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