Top 10 Best Solid State Amp For Blues 2023

Surprised by the price of your dream tube amps? Imagine that you never get the best tone of tube amps when you play your blues. Let’s start looking at the bright side here, shall we? Even expensive tube amps can be frustrating and currently, the best solid state amp easily delights you with their new improved tones.

This is the age of science and you would think that easy, portable, affordable, solid state parts would not be found in the case of Tunis? he did. However, you have to look very strict for the best solid state amp for blues. It just doesn’t work for you.

It’s a step up when it comes to softness and warmth, but beginners and musicians often make their own choices. Although the events have become professional voice standards, solid state facilities and capabilities have been offered. . If you’re new into AMP and a fan of blues amp, you’ll want to check out these guide of best solid state amp  for the blues.

There aren’t many people who recommend the best solid state amp  for the blues. Whether guitarists like to admit it or not, tube amps have a clear preference over their solid state counterparts. Despite many reforms, best solid state amp has passed, and it seems they are still struggling to put an end to their bad reputation.

Top 10 best solid state for blues 

When we look at guitar amps, players have two options: tube amp or solid state. Tube amp has always been the industry standard. Over the years, the solid state amp reputation has waned. But, the fact is that there are solid state amps that can compete best in the market.

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1. Marshall Solid State Amp for blues 

Do you want any work to blow you away from its features and effects? If so, let the martial amps code 25 AMP do the honors while you play blues. In fact, it has got 10 professions and 24 effects to improve your life. Plus, they’re almost easy to set up.

This unit includes Bluetooth connectivity, along with USB connectivity, apps, and other software. As long as you can connect to the software, you will enjoy using it. However, connecting can be a challenge. Because it involves more technology, there are more chances of mistakes that you can’t fix on your own.

Plus, it has a tone and sound quality that you would expect from a marshal! You will love it. However, it can be slightly distorted in high doses. For the price you, you would not expect such a large quantity!

You want the configuration of most any AMP and speaker to be compatible with every standard bearing/pedal. Controlling the smartphone app means you can remotely control the parameters and no need to bend down to switch knobs. The small size combined with USB for recording directly makes them the best versatile AMP for a basement home studio. this best solid state amp for blues is also very high if you want to be, but also good as a practice. Did I mention that some of the sounds are really cool? Especially JCM800 sounds when combined with Les Paul.

Many “musicians” will claim that modeling AMP is this and that. The truth about the code lineup is that with a few simple things on the presets to satisfy personal taste, you can test the effects of 100-hour paddles, pre, amp and hours, effects, fun days. Are Cleans metal, blues, all well. 25 has everything you could ever want in a practical AMP. Initially, they will appreciate the variety of sound available for practice and the professionals will enjoy the accent and bass Kirch provided by this package to a great extent. Some would say that the code lineup fails to mimic Amp Marshall’s claim that it does.

Choose a preset that’s fine or EH or good and move some troops around and have a great jam session in an instant. The presets are descriptively close to being advertised but surprisingly people stop complaining that the 10-inch speaker doesn’t like the A 4 X 12 cabinet by 100 watts; it’s only 1 X 10 inches. That’s it, enjoy the best solid state amp for blues for fun. Great Bluetooth software, great knobs, 35 watts of power, that’s right 35. You feel like you’re getting 25 watts until you make a delivery and take a look at the back of the AMP.

Marshall Amps Code 25 Solid State Amp


  • Amazing features, sound, and value
  • Sounds very much like a tube amp
  • A large number of features and effects
  • Very easy to use


  • Not always in touch
  • Loud noise can be distorted


2. Blackstar watt Stereo Solid State Amp For Blues

Blackstar is one of the best-selling, best-reviewed and most recommended musical instrument brands. This amazing guitar amplifier for blues players is designed to provide you the best quality sound available in the market today. This is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for many other genres, including rock and metal. The 40W (2 x 20W) Modeling 2×6.5″ Guitar Combo Amplifier with 6 Voices is an all-tube design based on the classic Fender Bassman circuitry, high gain and great tone! It has a warm and unique sound that will suit any kind of music.

The Blackstar 40 Watt is the best solid state amp for blues designed for the most demanding applications. With two discrete 20W channels and the option to switch between them, it delivers a wide range of tones that are perfect for any style of playing. Each channel features a 3-band EQ, a master gain control, and an effects loop. The amp’s LED back panel provides visually intuitive information about channel selection and effects operation. There’s also an auxiliary input, which gives you direct access to your iPod or another digital audio player via the headphone jack.

The amp will allow you to create plenty of different sounds with solid-state drive, analog emulations, or with a combination of both depending on your preference. This is the great best solid state amp for blues and practice as well as small live performances. The stereo speaker fills the room in a full-bodied tone. All the default patches were great and fun to play with any kind of sound. Not to mention all the other great features in AMP such as taxi rig simulator, software and custom patches, etc.

Blackstar watt Stereo Solid State Amp For Blues


  • All in one package for a beginner
  • very versatile with good effects


  • The quality of cords need to improve

3. Roland Blues Cube Hot Guitar Combo Amplifier

The Roland Blues Cube is a versatile, award-winning combo amplifier. For over 35 years, powerhouse Roland has been a leader in innovation with an incredible list of products. From the classic and timeless DX7 to more modern add-ons like the CUBE-10X, this family of amps is sure to be your go-to for all of your guitar and amp needs. The Blues Cube is among Roland’s best-selling products because it’s not only fun to play and a wonderful sounding amp, but it’s also super easy to use. It has quick access to five different amp selections by using Roland’s Footswitchable function. The music you create is reflected in the tone you make with these amps, and we can tell you that this model is only going to get better over time thanks to its iconic design.

The Roland Blues Cube is a compact, versatile, and extremely versatile guitar amplifier. The Blues Cube can be used for home practice, recording, and live performance with its wide range of analog and digital effects. It features a 2-channel format with two different stereo sounds (Normal and Bright), a 24-bit DSP effects section, and a 3-band EQ that provides the ultimate control over your sound. The Blues Cube also boasts a powerful 60-watt output that will deliver the most aggressive tone that will get you sounding great no matter what your style of music.

Roland blues are blues named after Cube Hot MP! How can it serve the gender of blues in quality, right? Plus, you’ll love the look of the vintage blonde version of this amp and it won’t disappoint. The tube amp you are looking for is what this AMP can provide you. In fact, it contains a bit of vintage dessert. At 30 watts, this solid state amp for blues is very high for practice and also good for jigs. That said, it may not be so good for loud people.

On top of that, it has a nice feature of features, three-band EQ, and much more. The unit is also extremely durable and portable. However, the potential blow is price. In the opinion of the best solid state amp for blues, it is very expensive. But, it still offers great value.

Roland Blues Cube Hot Guitar Combo Amplifier


  • Sounds amazing
  • Great accent very mch like tube amp
  • Very durable
  • Quite portable


  • A little expensive


4. Roland JC-120 Jazz Course Stereo Combo Amp

Do you want electricity? Roland JC 120 gives you power! Made for jazz and chorus, this best solid state amp for blues is also a great choice for blues, due to its amazingly clear channel tone. Yes, it comes with two channels. And you can use a lot of effects. It doesn’t look as good as the tube app. But here, the volume is more significant. This unit can be loud. What else can you expect at 120 watts?

The best solid state amp for blues is big and durable. It doesn’t look the best, but it is well built. You may not like the price, but, it’s a solid heavy-duty AMP. This is only good for the amp component.

This best solid state amp for blues gave us the voice we were looking for. It accepts pedals very well if they are true bypasses, I have never lost tone when using pedals and good cables. However, I only use one Kelly Camp, Tevis Kramer, Strymon blue sky, and flashback delays for now. The course is legendary, it can be heard on many popular songs, some reggae and some become very heavy.

The distortion should be called “drive” or “promotion”, it helps promote my tube scammer but that’s all. If you use more paddles and no loafers, I can see that it will add some tone. If you have 6-8 or more pedals, consider a solid programmable loafer. Also, this amp is in solid condition. If you die on getting a tube combo amp for this particular loaded tone, I want to take advantage of something more.

The course on this thing is also legendary. I can’t help but think I have heard this many times before in studio recordings. It will be meaningful because I have heard that it is a studio as well as a stage standard. The reference is also at the top. The distortion is a bit weak, but I have the Boss GT-10 to handle all my effects needs because I have to play a large number of different styles. Roland JC best solid state amp for blues works well because it has a stereo input, and the GT-10 has a stereo output. Amp fits well on the road if you have to travel a lot, and casters are life-saving.


Roland JC-120 Jazz Course Stereo Combo Amp


  • Extremely durable
  • Sounds great for blues
  • Very loud
  • A good number of effects


  • Very expensive
  • The foot does not switch


5. Fender Pro Junior IV Solid State Amp For Blues

If you are looking for a great best solid state amp for blues in the low price range, look no further! Dude, it saves. Sweet height, authentic bottom, and everything in the middle. Fender Pro Jr. IV has a clean, warm sound, and takes on the natural sound characteristics of your guitar. More notes look clearer, and the bass notes sound better. Overall it’s great for blues, classic rock, and country. If it is enabled, there is an effect that will add serious cutting in high strings. The nuances of AMP come out in a high amount, which I think is a feature of tube amp.

There is nothing to write home about overdrive, so it is not recommended for metal. Although the reverb and presence, dial have a significant effect. The Fender Pro solid state amp is louder, even with 2 speakers compared to my 60W solid-state. It will keep you in your small places like bars, parties, etc.

Our first choice is the Fender Champion 100 Electric Guitar Amplifier. The price and tone are great and these are the two main concerns when buying a best solid state amp for blues. This amplifier meets both as a standard product at an affordable price for the Blues in a great tone. It includes effects and features that you will also like.

Would you like to hear your band mat on spring drums?  When you mention price and quality in one sentence – this standard stands because of the best quality and the cheapest price. There is a difference between the sound of a solid state amp compared to a tube amp! The clean sound is amazing, but as soon as it starts to bounce too much, the actual value of the tube sound really comes into play. This best solid state amp for blues looks really big and thick on all settings. It has an amazing presence, clarity and cartoon. It was worth every penny, and it’s a great value!

With this solid state amp for blues, you won’t have a hole in your heart thinking about the tube amp you can’t buy yourself. Reason? That sounds amazing. It doesn’t have a lot of effects, but the effects are great. They believe that the best will bring blindness.

The lack of flexibility in offering controls is a potential setback, although they are easy to deal with – even though they don’t offer much. Otherwise, it’s easy to change channels. Power makes a loud noise, but disconnection can cause some unwanted loud pops.

Fender Pro Junior IV Solid State Amp For Blues


  • Excellent quality as expected by Fender
  • Great accent for blues
  • Appropriate effects
  • In good quantity


  • It doesn’t offer you much control
  • There may be a sharp popping sound when disconnected


6. Line 6 Spider V 240HC MKII Best Solid State Amp For Blues

Line 6 Spider V 240HC MKII 60 watt MP is the perfect partner for my Michael Kelly Patriot Institute tank! I am 65 years old and have been in music for many years, it is the perfect process that I need more than that. Just so you know, this 60 watt, 200+ amp is not just for practice, it’s quite enough and portable for any little gig! By the way, Glenn’s great saint, I always like his reviews, honest and straightforward.

You need more versatility, flexibility, and something you can do with it. Meet Line 6 Spider V. Its spider is named after this place because its legs are in many places. This is a very small unit that you can easily carry. But that doesn’t detract from the volume – you’ll be blown away by the sound. Plus, the head is great. Quantitative superiority of properties does not affect quality in any way

These best solid state amp for blues sounds and works much better than I expected, sounds like a 12-inch all-of-a-kind stack can come out in pairs, the simulator and emulator are outstanding and I don’t start with an unrealistic effect. Connect the foot controller and remote program to the laptop or your computer, taking it to another level of easy to use. you can easily play blues on it while listening to the song via Ox cable. What’s more, this unit is well built with many channels, effects, inputs and outputs that are easy to use.

The older version has a dedicated knock for each tunnel quality and impact level, which has increased its desired size and weight. The new version has half knobs, which reduce the panel size by about half. The new version has a button to toggle between tones and effects, which are LED backlights. this is awesome. Each feature is a button press, intuitive and easy to see, even in low-key situations.

Line 6 Spider V 240HC MKII


  • Very compact and portable AMP
  • A ton of feature and effective
  • In a strong tone
  • Very durable


  • A little expensive
  • Buyer’s Guide


7. Blackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier

The Blackstar is small, though much larger than the Altec speaker. It weighs less than two pounds and is small enough to fit easily in my suitcase. Note: For Bluetooth, read the instructions and note the different meanings of single pops and double blinks when configuring with a new device. It’s easy, but it’s an unexpected step. So read it and, to get the sound, change all the knobs. You think it’s broken, otherwise.

It’s very calm, no disturbing pregnancy itself. The EQ knob works well but is colder than hot from the garden to the boss. It sounds good on every level, but it turns into different sounds. Also, get to get the head you want and remember to meet the volume knobs. To make a sound with the pick up of the pie, twist the gain considerably and change the volume. For thicker clear jazz solos, apply the gin about halfway, and then set the skin to your liking.

The AMP will go hard, but then it starts to distort a bit. So how strong is it? Most listen to acoustic guitars, to provide a maximum of 85 decibels, so the volume of sound stimulation is a bit high. However, I do have a couple of exceptionally good Lutheran gypsy jazz guitars that travel easily at 92 decibels and out at a maximum of 95 decibels. It’s actually too loud for an acoustic guitar and matches my calligraphy mandolin.

It’s okay to use your solid state amp for the beach, or while jamming with sound guitars. This best solid state amp is great for your hotel room or porch. If your bandmates have big AMPs, you won’t want them for your main AMP. If your band is running at 110 decibels or worse, 120 or 130, it will not decrease. If you play jazz guitar in an obscure band with horns and brass and you can’t hear yourself, but your fellow band members don’t want you to use an amp and throw them out, it’s hardly noticeable. And will give you plenty of volumes to play a little better without playing so hard.

This gives a bit of a boost to the output of the pickup and gives me tone control beyond AMP’s simple EQ (ISF) knob. But AMP’s output volume for clear sounds is still limited. Aux in and headphone out jack is a great feature. On battery power and after being connected to the extension cabinet, the output of the AMP is slightly reduced but the AC power supply makes it stronger and more stable.

You can use batteries. By the way, I also bought the Hausa five-foot bone, which seems to be very well made. I’m going to insert two inches wide black velcro around the sides and bottom of this amp and use a long piece of the soft part of the velcro to make the strap, so I can toss the amp on my shoulder ۔ Or put it on my belt and walk away.

Blackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier


  • Great for both beginners and experts
  • Notable in her class
  • The construction feels solid on this AMP


  • Amp is running a very small speaker.
  • There is no microphone input.

8. NUX Mighty Lite BT Mini Portable Modeling Guitar Amplifier

The NUX Mighty Lite BT is a little exercise. the sound is amazingly packed, even for a 3-inch speaker. When you use a Bluetooth connection and set up the app on your mobile device, this best solid state amp for blues works more fully. In the app, you can deeply edit different channels and their associated effects turning it into a very acceptable and enjoyable tool.

For the money, this little NUX Mighty Lite BT is highly replicable, full of useful and functional features that make it an incredible value for warm-up/practice AMP. I’m probably the hardest critic when it comes to an amp, you can see it in the picture. Crazy enough, this little NUX takes up space in the AMP line. Far beyond the curve, you have to shoot this best solid state amp for blues. If you spend a little time setting it up and setting your expectations correctly, you’ll love it.

The Bluetooth app is really the one that brings it all together, although without it it can be used very well, using it takes the AMP to the full level. The app brings full control over the amp and adds many features not available with Knobs, including baking track, fully adjusted chorus/phaser/noise gate/delay/reverb, and save your settings on all 3 channels. Capability (Clean, OD, and Distortion) all from your phone (I’m using the app’s Android, it’s also available for iPhone), the app is free on any platform.

this best solid state amp for blues can be set up on all 3 channels of your choice, and it looks great! I had modest hopes for this amp, and I bought it because it suits my needs, pulling only a small unit to heat the room, run the scales, etc., and had some rhythm setting but I No need to plug in anything, it’s in effects, and most importantly, looks good.

NUX Mighty Lite BT Mini Portable Modeling Guitar Amplifier


  • Best battery amp ever!!
  • Great value for the money
  • Great portable AMP / easy to use


  • Don’t expect multiple AMP models, but they look “OK”


9. BOSS Katana MKII Solid state amp for blues

There’s so much to love about this amp! The build quality is solid and it’s so light to carry easily if you need to. There is a huge limit to this thing! Deep bass and really great treble. It comes out of the box with great tone options but I highly recommend that you apply it to a computer and use the bass sound studio. When you have the studio ready, you can change and tweet everything to get the right tone for yourself. You also want to program channels in almost all paddles offered by the boss. It delivers a really nice accent in a low volume so you don’t have to bother anyone but leave loudly! I love this amp and it feels brand new whenever I use it! It’s worth it!

It’s definitely loud, it sounds killer, and it’s very daring versatile. You can make any sound from this thing. I play metal 99% of the time and this AMP crushes hard. Watch only Ola England YouTube videos on Boss Katana’s No. 1 or 2, so through Studio, you can do more than the panel offers. This best solid state amp for blues is perfect for recording in garage bank or similar software. It allows you to create and save up to 4 channel presets for quick switching to sweet riffs or whatever you want after heavy solo pulling.

It weighs a lot lighter than a tube amp. I can get a very cruel tone from it so that’s all I care about. Also works well with pedals. When it comes to modeling, don’t expect to sound like any other amp at all. I think so but as good as it gets. If you are looking for a job, I would say that you have probably found this in AMP.

It only looks amazing with a 5 “practice speaker and packs a cartoon. It’s perfect for me because I live in an apartment building where I can’t make much noise. The master volume is really powerful and useful! It works great as a DIA for Direct Logic Pro and you can use it as an interface and play virtual effects. You can also use it completely silently with headphones.

BOSS Katana MKII solid state amp for blues


  • Excellent type of ton.
  • Installing BassTone Studio adds tremendous efficiency and sync


  • Overrated


10. Fender Bassbreaker solid state amp for blues

Fender Bassbreaker 18/30 Combo has a reasonable volume of imaginary distorted tones. I can get anything from classical rock to sail with EMG pickups to really heavy tones. I’ve been hanging out with this amp in a small venue playing classic rock and it’s perfect for that. My effects loop works fine. I found out that my Tevis Kramer really works for Leeds with the help of this incident.

the biggest shortcoming of this AMP is the lack of 2 channels which is a bit of a pain when gagging. The 3 receiving structures also have dramatically different volumes, so if you want to switch back and forth while gagging, you’ll also need to adjust the master volume. It’s a creative way to get around with a volume paddle.

Fender’s advanced tech is known on the bass breaker series British Rock best solid state amp for blues, and the Model 15 is extremely versatile due to the gain structure switch. It’s labeled low/medium/high, but you might want to consider being a fender/vox/marshal instead. If you like these intricate, medium-heavy highs like Stone Age Queens, the middle order will jump. Want to clean it up? Switch to Low and press Bright Switch. In this price range, many tube amps can be classified as “do one thing, but do well”. The bass breaker offers a wide range of 15 sounds and still manages excellent sound. Well done, good!


Fender Bassbreaker 18/30 Combo


  • Perfect amp for home and small gigs
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Great sounding tube combo.


  • Very thick.


How to choose the best solid state amp for blues?

With all the information at your disposal, you may find yourself competent enough to choose the best solid state amp for blues for the blouse. Go ahead and choose the one that works best for you. To find the perfect fit for you and your blues, you need to know the basics of solid state amp for blues. So, let’s find out.

Construction quality: Tube AMP has vacuum tubes that you can see with your own eyes activating it. You can tell the quality just by looking at them. But, solid amps mostly hold things in their interior. The exterior protects it. So make sure the quality of construction is very good and nothing can damage it. Both material and blood quality should be of high quality.

Features included: There are some effects that work best in blues, if you can control them digitally – even better! On the other hand, there are other features, flexibility, control limits that help determine if MP is a good choice for playing Blues. Even AMP has a very important role to play here.
Since you’re looking for an Asymptote tailored specifically for the genre of blues, make sure you’re choosing the right features.

Watts: If you’re just playing for your friends or just out of the hobby, you don’t really need an expensive concert amp. A job that is more affordable and efficient with less power wattage will make the home practice session better. In fact, you will find several different amps with different power capabilities for different purposes. Make a choice that suits your purpose.

Channels: Intend to sing or play other instruments with your guitar? If so, you need to consider the number of channels that have come with you. Of course, there is also current consideration for clean and dirty channels.


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