Top 5 Best Solid State Amp For Metal in 2023

Ever wonder why everyone is always looking for tube amps in particular? Why not the best solid state amp for metal? If you’ve been around long enough and asked the question, then you’ll know the answer tube amps have a sound standard that can’t meet solid AMPs. “It’s a thing of the past,” he said. In the 21st century, you are breathing with all its modern inventions and modifications. The best Solid State Amp For Metal is not as unsatisfactory as before. In fact, some are even better and cheaper than tube amps. If you are looking for the best solid state amp for metal, you are entering for a great ride.

Solid-state amps are becoming a very popular choice for guitar players. With the innovative changes in these AMPs, they have really added value, giving musicians the opportunity to play amazing metal sounds. Here we will find the best solid state amp for metal and help buyers find out which one is best for you.

Top 5  Best Solid state Amp For Metal

  • Fender Mustang GT40 Solid State Amp For Metal
  • Marshall MG100 HCFXMG Series Guitar Amp Head
  • Orange Amps Electric Guitar Power Amplifier
  • Peavey Bandit 112 Solid state Amp For Metal
  • Randall RG Series Solid state Amp For Metal


1. Fender Mustang GT40 Solid State Amp For Metal

Want to experience the future right now? If so, you need this Fender Mustang GT40MP. This AMP lets you connect to WiFi and has Bluetooth features. With this connection, you can solve a ton of problems with this AMP.

This AMP has a great accent, is very loud, and has a lot of good effects. It’s great for metal and practically in small sessions. Although it does not have enough power to take a stage.

The controls are simple but not the most user-friendly. For example, you may not know where the volume control is. In addition, you will need to update the unit frequently to see the various issues. Technology has its advantages, otherwise, it is a very durable unit, although it is not the cheapest.

With Bluetooth audio, you can stream and play your favorite song and it sounds good because it is an FRFR speaker. The footswitch lets you scroll through the presets, or it lets you use each preset as a stomp switch to individually control the first 5 effects in the chain. Wow, with the exception of the crying baby or other expression pedals, there’s not much to invest in multi-effects with this AMP.

You should buy this amp if:

1. You live in a small space and don’t want cluttered outdoor pedals in your living area. It has digital models of almost every pedal you can think of..
2. You don’t have enough money for a tube amp but you want something with some volume
You. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. If you just want to sit and play, buy something else. This AMP will force you to “fiddle”.


Fender Mustang GT40 Solid State Amp For Metal



  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Updates fix a lot of issues
  • Excellent accent quality
  • it looks nice


  • Not the most transparent and user friendly


2. Marshall MG100 HCFXMG Series Guitar Amp Head

For the best possible choice, we have chosen Marshall MG100HCFX. You can count on quality because of the famous brand of martial arts. Plus, it has a good number of effects, channels, and features. Even better, it’s cheaper. Many “musicians” will claim that this is the modeling AMP.

The truth about the code lineup is that with a few simple things on the presets to satisfy your personal taste, you’ll get 100-hour paddles, pre, AMP, and hour effects, too, and lots of fun. Day check. Cleans metal, blues, all well. Initially, they will appreciate the variety of sound available for practice and the professionals will enjoy the accent and bass Kirch provided by this package to a great extent.

When you’re playing metal, you want electricity – and this martial guitar amp gives you just that. While enjoying it, you and your group can now drink together. This AMP is everything that metal lovers want. Despite being a solid state AMP – it is designed to not lag behind a tube AMP. Plus, it gives you a good number of effects, even digital ones like Course, Flanger, and so on. In fact, the most distorted when playing metal on this model is invincible.

One hundred watts of power doesn’t always do justice to sound – you may find it a little thinner in volumes of sound. What’s more, it comes with four program-worthy channels – what more could you ask for? It has a headphone jack and an MP3 input. Surprised all around. You want the configuration of most any AMP and speaker to be compatible with every standard bearing/pedal.  This is also very high if you want to be, but also good as a practice

Marshall MG100 HCFXMG Series Guitar Amp Head



  • Big distortion
  • Many effects to choose from
  • Pretty high power
  • A good number of inputs and outputs


  • Loud noises are not the best sound.


3. Orange Amps Electric Guitar Power Amplifier

Do you want to practice in the comfort of your own home without caring about your neighbors? If so, this Orange Amp may be just your thing. You don’t have to spend extra on features and power that you don’t even need. Even at 12 watts, the depth is high enough so you don’t have to resort to maximum volume. Plus, despite being a solid-state AMP, it sounds great. Its effects are also great in the metal genre – distortion will definitely affect you.

The unit is well built and looks great. Contains a channel, if you’re ok with it. However, there may be some buzzing in the inputs and inputs. Overall, it offers a good value for money. It’s a great process, and I’m very impressed with its performance. The tone and music that come out of it are pure and clear. Although only 12 watts, it gets surprisingly high while maintaining the crispness of the music.

No feedback until you are strangely calibrated by it. It makes both clean and dirty, gives very beautiful sounds. We upgraded it to 15 Champion, and the sound quality from Orange Trip is so clear (or Dirtier – Your Choice). It’s compact, so it fits well in my little house. It is built very tightly; For a low price, it is not cheaply built. And, the cool orange color is great!

This small AMP has more volume than you expect and an amazing array of 1 channels, combo AMP for tons. I’m not a professional musician and bought the Orange Crush 12 primarily for its small footprint and portability – the sound I get from AMP is a bonus. I have Martin Acoustic / Electric, Tele-style 6 String Electric, and 12 String Semi-Hollow Body Electric which looks great with this little Orange AMP.

Orange Amps Electric Guitar Power Amplifier


  • Affordable, cost-effective power
  • Loud enough for home practice
  • In a strong tone
  • Easy to maintain


  • Very few features.
  • There may be a resonant sound.

4. Peavey Bandit 112 Solid state Amp For Metal

Peavey Amp is a well-known brand in the industry due to its focus on details. This best solid state amp for metal can create a tone similar to the head – but without the tubes. Therefore, the best tone provider for metal as a solid state – Pirate 112 should be included in your list. With all in that includes metal. However, this may not sound like much – because it doesn’t focus on one gender to provide the best. But, it is a versatile unit and you can change it between species. Can use

The quality of the unit is very reliable. Plus, it doesn’t break your bank. So, why not give it a try? This is a great AMP. Very loud. I play with my drummer no problem. If you fix it the sound can cut through the band and a lot of new amps are included in the digital effects and AMP modeling when you promote onboard/external promotion for a solo. While they are doing a good job with the quality of these features, they often have the hidden costs of owning a freight board. Those who are not interested in extra bells and whistles, or who already have several pedals, may be interested in the simplicity of this depth, as well as the built-in effects.

Clean Channel was comparable to Fender and better than any other. The distortion channel was very versatile. It can really be crafted to create a nice clean tone on a note and only Marshall has improved it when you double drop or dig. All of these AMPs cost at least twice as much as Peavey cost or more and overall, Peavey was the best AMP.

Peavey Bandit 112 Solid state Amp For Metal


  • A powerful, loud voice
  • It makes a great head
  • Good sound quality and volume
  • Versatile in nature


  • Not the best in terms of head


5. Randall RG Series Solid state Amp For Metal

Excellent solid state amp, in fact, the RG series is the best brand compared to what you can get out of the solid states compared to what other brands can offer, this is me to replace the Crete Flex Wave MP Found, RG 1503212 sounds like old school metal, of course, you will. The tube amp looks better but it can really make you happy at an irreplaceable price with the good clean tune and high-profit distortion, it plays perfect for heavy metal.

You have to pay attention to several different things to get the right tone. This is exactly what Randall did with the RG1003. The unit is designed to make all sounds amazing. Channel One is clean, crisp, and has buttons to set the tone if desired. On its own, it may seem dark and heavy. Channel 2 is the advantage of the basic metal, George Lynch, Warren Demartini. 80’s metal. Channel Three provides a great deal to chew on.

The AMP is very loud, and the sound is constant in every skin. Not once, but once in a while. It will perform in any live performance. The mid-scope button is solid for any AMP. It works perfectly. It took me a while to dial in my accent, but now Zee has an animal that will pick and bite according to someone’s need.

Although the sound quality and tone are very good – they are not the best. You can find it a little twisted. However, it comes at a price – you’ll be satisfied with the sound. In addition, the quality of construction is excellent. One last thing – whether you like the tone or not depends on how you play and a lot of people really love it. Due to the perfection of three things like a number of effects like three channels etc., the matter of tone is quite subjective.

Randall RG Series Solid state Amp For Metal


  • It offers great value for money
  • Good accent for a solid state, although it is a subjective matter
  • Good quality construction
  • Sounds great and loud


  • Not everyone likes accents.


Buyer’s Guide – Best Solid State Amp For Metal

The solid state converts the electrical signal into an audio wave through transistor circuits. At the beginning of the circuit, the pre-amp phase is used while at the end of the circuit, the power amp phase is used. Between these two phases, the sound is reverberated, EQ, tremolo, and vibrato. Solid state amps are perfect for guitar players who want to have fast and clear signals that are undivided. However, many people think that electric guitars can sound from a broken side. Using the best solid state amp for metal, the desired sounds can be activated.

Here are some basic things to keep in mind when buying an AMP. Then, when you are looking at the best solid state amp for metal that you will use to play metal, you have to focus more on some other factors.

 1. Quality 

A common misconception about solid state amps is that they are maintenance-free, but this certainly isn’t true. Solid state amps should be cleaned periodically to keep dust and dirt from building up inside. They do have tubes that can go bad at any given moment, but are usually far more reliable over the course of time than vacuum tube amplifiers are. It’s important for an amp designer to know not only what materials are used in manufacture because he’ll need to pick the best materials possible to build his designs so that the amplifiers don’t fail unless there’s something wrong with the design or workmanship since he cannot be held responsible for neglect or abuse after they have left his shop.

2. Features and effects

You have to know that AMP is what fills the sound of your metal music. For you to attain the best metal sound, there are very specific conditions for this to happen, one of which is the use of great distortion. So it’s important to know that not all AMPs are made for providing high-quality distortion. It will only bring out the finest music if you do so.

3. Design

It’s most common to see speakers and their heads attached to the same body for one reason: no one wants to take up too much space! Some want to make things easier, however, and the speaker and its head are broken apart. It’s easy to understand that a portable Bluetooth speaker is more useful for those who have a lot of outdoor activities or need a speaker that can be carried from place to place.

4. Power

A high-power amplifier is essential for playing in a very large space with a very large crowd. On the other hand, practicing at home requires a low-power amplifier which is also priced affordably.


We hope that the buyer’s guide to the best solid state amplifier for metal is helping you in your quest to find your ideal sound. Our goal is to help you discover the best possible practices alongside some great tips on how to make the whole process smoother and more organized. I think one or two of these recommended amplifiers might be exactly what you need, but feel free to use this information about them in order to find out which one will sound most pleased with your unique methods! While it may seem daunting at times if you are still having trouble choosing between these solid-state amps for metal, then why not explore some other options along similar lines? For example, have you considered taking a look at our list of the top-rated best 15 watt tube amp before reaching a conclusion?


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