Best Tube Combo Amp Under 500

Do you want your guitar amplifier to be strong, compact, and loud? Also, you want the sound to be good so that you can impress your audience. However, you must be very careful when buying. There is an incredible amount of value for different needs and budgets. In fact, if you know what you are looking for, you can get a very high-quality best tube combo amp under 500.

Buying an amp is a big decision and not as important as buying a guitar! The quality of your sound depends a lot on the quality of your AMP. As with most things, the more you get paid, the less likely it is to be a guitar amp. You don’t like an amp that doesn’t fit the style. You also don’t want it to break your bank and keep you hungry for weeks. That way, we’ll talk about the best tube combo amp under 500 that will meet all of your goals.

Best Tube Combo Amps Under 500

In this guide, we’ve selected the 6 best small tube amp combo under 500 and We’ve included some expert buying tips at the end of this guide, so if you need more insight on what to look for in good tube combo amps,

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1. Monoprice Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier

People choose tube amps for the head and this AMP offers the best. If it suits your gender, you’ll love how its effects make it stronger. The unit is affordable and easy to control. Want vintage tube amplifier sound to fill the room? If so, this amplifier will bring a treat to your ears as it has a demanding tone in the tube amplifier.

With five watts of power, it is not the loudest on the market. This is great for exercising and for small gigs. It also gives you some effects, but not all of it is perfect. Some may not be as satisfying as others. Although the unit looks amazing, it needs some maintenance. While it’s at a good price, you may be worried about it being damaged. However, evil does not happen to everyone but only to a few. So, choose carefully what you can.

If you are new to guitar and want to buy your first best tube combo amp, skip the solid states and models and buy it. It’s a simple AMP, but that’s a good thing. You will learn what size and head knobs are for your guitar. You will learn the difference between choosing a warm home bumper and a lightweight single coil. You will learn how to get a range of different tones using different puck attacks or using your fingers. All of this is more important than learning how to program this modeling AMP press set.

There is also a lot for an experienced guitarist. For the money, it’s a great grip and a go-to champ-like solid state amp for blues. It’s full of harmonics that you just get from taps! Guitars play a big role in the pick-up tone. With single coils on my feet, I also clean these fenders in high volume (and this thing is surprisingly high for 5 watts). On my telly, the crystal is cleared at the pick of the neck, and there is a vox-ash crumb on the bridge. Armed with my hunker, the police entered the area of ​​Classic Rock.

Monoprice Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier


  • Superb small amp
  • It’s versatile
  • listen to this high quality


  • Needs Better QC


2. VOX AC10C1 Guitar Tube Combo Amp Head

This is another tube amp that provides the desired sound tube, amp seekers. It looks good and comes with a lot of useful effects. You may feel a little dissatisfied with the distortion of this amplifier. Overall, this is a great combo unit. Very compact and portable. Tubes are hidden and safe, but unfortunately, they are difficult to maintain. What’s more, the volume is quite high and clean. But, for some units, a homing sound can come and go.

The actual sound level in this small amp is ten watts but its sound is fifty as if it has a short interval in its duration and after a short period of use it sounds even better I run an ext. Speaker with 16-ohm speakers. To meet Spark. This produces 8 ohms in AMP. The load increases the power of AMP. Great amp for recording or small gigs.

Very basic on AC10 features. Single-channel, no effect loop, digital reverb, no tremolo. So everything goes to the front end and you will need a lot of tons of pedals from other Vox offers. AC10 is about blending, volume, and tone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard to make a bad sound out of it, but the classic rock/punk drive that is just lavish is available in pennies. Shining heights are also there.

If needed for a large gig, it can be micked and run via “PAA”. It retains the classic Vauxhall top boost tone, with the AC-15 weighing about 1/2 and the AC-30 about 1/3. The AC-10 weighs about 25 pounds. It lacks the best tremolo I used on my AC-30 for a while. It does not have common and advanced upgrades like AC-30. It has the same input and you can get the benefit and get the crackdown. With less benefit, you get a better, cleaner tone.

VOX AC10C1 Guitar Tube Combo Amp Head


  • This gig-worthy AMP
  • Good value for money
  • Top boost inputs like the AC-30 either


  • It’s hard to fix

3. Fender Bassbreaker 007  Tube Combo Amplifier

As long as you play on it, the tone of this fender amp improves. However, the same does not go for its quality. This will require some maintenance in the long run. It handles scroll effects and changes very well. You can easily switch from clean to different heads. However, you will need to adjust the volume as well. Also, some features don’t really let you adjust too much or are too pointless. But, most of the time, your gender will not need these effects anyway.

This unit is very tall and you can use it to play in small coffee shops. It’s a pretty portable unit, and the tubes can’t be more durable. Also, it is a bit expensive for what it provides. Fender Boss Breaker 45 Head has designed all the flaws of all clone copies.  Controlling the watt to play an outdoor concert or small club just overall great old school martial tone and feel .they kept it simple. No reverb, no loop.

This best tube combo amp looks great with my pedals. Gain Changer, EP Pedal, Prince of Tone, Audio Source Reverb, and TC Mini Delay. Amp is easy to discriminate. Excellent product built in their Mexican facility. Great job to do … it needs to get their matching 2/12 taxi and load 2 Skomenko Alniko into the speaker


Fender Bassbreaker 007  Tube Combo Amplifier


  • it is versatile and simple
  • The effects are amazing and easy to use,
  • sound quality are all there with this amp


  • Not too much stuff
  • A change requires some adjustment


4.BUGERA V5 Tube Combo Amp

The BUGERA V5 tube amp has standard tubes which of course. Will last Also, despite being a 5-watt tube AMP, it produces a sound you don’t expect. However, the stock tube can make a muddy sound that many people don’t like. Although this AMP comes with a lot of effects and features, you may have to crave more. Also, it’s a big unit but still pretty portable. Also, this AMP is very easy to control and understand. After all, it has a really strong building and you can be sure that it will last a while.

It’s a practice amp designed for use in small spaces, and it works that way. It can get loud enough, but it’s not just for jigs or band practice. If you play metal you will need a stump box or two, but it can handle anything else. The controls are simple and if you crank the AMP volume and use your guitar volume control. This best tube combo amp under 500 is a great solution. The power attenuator is really a great feature that makes it much more versatile.

The overall quality of the box is very good, it is really good. BUGERA is a sub-brand of Behringer that makes standard items. If you haven’t heard of them before because you and I can’t afford them. It sounds like an amp 230 tube amp though and there’s no reason to start like other  700$ dollars. If you are looking for clean and dirty in the old voice, this little gem has covered you. It is very easy to get well with creamy over-driven tones clean just by getting and adjusting the volume knobs.

Some final tips: When using this AMP in practice with a full band you will want to raise it to waist level. If you put it on the floor with a kick and a boss taxi, you’ll be in a complete fight to listen to yourself. The waist level is not angled with a volume greater than 3 p.m. No worries, the turbo sound speaker can handle it perfectly. If you’re just starting out, and need a good AMP to get started, this would be great.

Don’t think that 5w will be too high. Don’t think that a 30W solid state scroll will be louder or produce better quality sound because it’s bigger. Start with that. If you are experienced and want a real tube tone that will not wake your child in the next room, shoot him. Don’t be intimidated by the unknown brand name.

BUGERA V5 Tube Combo Amp


  • Best value for a guitar amp
  • it sounds clear, bright and chimey
  • The onboard reverb is of good quality


  • There is no onboard effects loop


5. Blackstar Bass Tube Combo Amp Under 500

BlackStar is a small monster capable of producing some heavy tones. Some users say that you can get a better AMP for the same amount, which may be true, but it’s not a bad thing at all. Being a bit of a plastic battery-powered AMP, this little guy can create amazing accents, clean or over-the-top on my target volumes! Honestly,

This AMP is literally a great investment for guitarists at all skill levels. Experienced players will find at least a ton of this AMP satisfactory, and it is highly replicable. Beginners will be able to start with an amp that can be played in a reasonable amount, it is not easy or complicated to experiment on dialing in tons.

Bass version: Overall for this is a great process for many environments. Straight or with headphones. The addition of an extended speaker brings a lot of volume and depth to an already perfect single unit. It is best to use a home adapter. Save batteries for trips. A low-volume scroll. Since it doesn’t eat basic accents or web using headphones like any other private practice setup, it’s perfect for practicing headphones with an MP3 player.

Blackstar Bass Tube Combo Amp Under 500


  • This AMP sound is better than any AMP
  • Easy to transport and use
  • Best battery powered


  • DC adapter not included


6. VHT AV-SP1 6 Combo Amplifier

VHT AV SP1-6 AMMP can only be yours. In addition to tons of effects, it also comes with a boosting feature. It lets you break it down easily and once done, it gives you a really nice tone. However, the problem remains – the quality goes down after a while. You may hear murmurs or more. But, as a six-watt amp, it makes a very loud noise.

The tube combo amps itself sounds good, but it doesn’t have a variety of accents. You have to crunch it hard to push it into distortion. The 10W speaker in 6W can produce a very clean tone. The overdrive pedal will help give you a more decent volume of some dirty tones. Others considering a similar price range are the Bogiera V5 and Vox AC4 TV. I took it off the set because I thought the hand-designed design would give me the best chance of fixing it at a reasonable price one day in the future if it breaks.

This AMP has a beautiful accent. Ideal for boxes or perfectly clean boxes. Everyone suggested that the new tubing would improve the sound, so when I ordered the AMP, I ordered a new JJ-6v6 and Tungsol 12AX7 tubes. Special 6 Combo has a good tube town and breaks down slowly and well from about 75%. An acoustic 1X15 bass cab drives a back 8-ohm output and allows me to play a little more guitar on a smaller volume. You have to mic it in one foot to tip loudly with the drummer. Fit, finish, and build quality are better known. The VHT Special 6 Combo is a great AMP.

VHT AV-SP1 6 Combo Amplifier


  • The boost feature is excellent
  • The effects are great
  • Easy portable


  • This speaker output jack is plastic


What should I look for in a best tube combo amp under 500?

The best tube combo amps are not all equal. From wattages to tubes, you can see in the examples above that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. the most important thing is the tone. If it looks good, it will encourage you to play. But there are other things to see.

Quality Tubes

If you are going to the best tube combo amp, you can also learn one or two things about the taps available and how they affect your accent.

As with the VHT Special 6, there are some amps that allow you to easily change tubes. Therefore, it is not necessary to get stuck in what you buy. However, if you buy an AMP later with the intention of replacing the tubing, you end up spending more money on it.

Some tubes are better suited for crystal clear ends, while others allow more dirt. If you get the chance, try a little experimentation with tubes.

Quality speaker

In addition to the tube combo amp, the speaker can also have a significant effect on your accent. Sometimes, you will assume that some combination will never work, and when you sit down and play an amulet with an unusual pair, you are surprised that it is much better than you think.

Earlier in this guide, I mentioned that I’m not a big fan of Slash. But it’s also because I’ve never met a marshal who I love very much. I’ve played through a couple that wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t for me.

Some players look incredible through sales so they don’t go bad globally. It is another matter of whether you can get the desired tone from your gear or not.

Construction Quality

Tube amps are generally considered to be slightly more “fragile” than solid state amps. Fortunately, the worst that can happen is that the tubes usually need to be replaced. You can either keep extra tubes or buy additional equipment as needed.

As with any musical gear, it’s best to take good care of your instruments, not just toss them around or use them unnecessarily. If you take care of your AMP, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with it.

Still, it’s a good idea to check the reviews and see if anyone has a problem with a particular AMP. After that, you will know what to expect when a problem arises.


Tube amps look great. It’s just a matter of what kind of accent you’re looking for.

Some AMPs are cleaner than dirty, so they won’t give you much reduction. If that’s the sound you’re going for, though, you can always add a few pairs to your signal chain.

Overall, you’ll be amazed at how good a small combo AMP can fit. Many guitarists prefer to use small AMs in the studio because of the amazing tones (and sometimes live) because they can pull them out. Do a little research and listen to the demo. Find an amp that produces the kind of tone that allows you to see yourself jammed.



Tube combo amps are cool and a lot of fun to play with. So, whether you plan to use it for practice, live performance, or recording, tube amps are reliable and are usually a good choice for tone sobs.

If you are a metal guitarist and want to get the best quality metal sounds in a drum that won’t bother to put in the back of your car, hopefully, this list will give you some ideas.

These AMPs are really the best of the best, and you have to pay the price for that quality. As I said at the outset, if you’re on a tight budget, it’s hard to find a modeling amp that doesn’t have metal presets, but you’ll sacrifice the warmth of the kids running on those tubes.

As always, the best thing to do is go to your local guitar store and try them out. See how they sound to your ears and your own style of play.

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