How to bridge 4 channel amp?

It can be difficult to bridge any type of amplifier, but once you know the correct operation, it will not be even more difficult, no matter how many channels it has. Basically, the main process is the same for each channel. If you are learning how to bridge 4 channel amp, you can also tie a four-channel amplifier. Typically, an amplifier can consist of 4 channels. If you have someone else and are starting to bridge it, here’s how.

How to bridge 4 channel amp?


How to bridge 4 channel amp

How to bridge 4 channel amp

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Before you begin to bridge your amplifier, you need a few elements throughout the process. Here’s a brief look at how to bridge 4 channel amp.

4 channel AMP:
Buy a 4 channel amplifier with a bridging option. Do effective research on which amplifier is best for the bridge before buying.

You need this equipment to fasten the screws attached to your amplifier.

Wire remover:
A wire stripper is required when inserting the edge of the wire into the amplifier channel.

Speaker wires:
You need to connect the speaker wires to the terminals of your amplifier.

Read the manual carefully and see if the amplifier can be bridged. a new product just for you! Because it can cause irreparable damage to the device.


Bridge operation of 4 Channel amplifier

Since you have all the required gear, you are ready to get started. But one important thing you should be aware of is the negative and positive channels of your amplifier. Although there will still be hints on the device, there may be some confusion. Here is a detailed description of the channel.

First channel:

The first channel has two terminals, one positive and one negative. The first terminal is positive and the second one is negative.

First channel –

Terminal 1 (+)
Terminal 2 (-)
Second channel:
It has only two terminals on one channel. And the positive and negative terminal positions are down.

Second channel-

Terminal 3 (+)
Terminal 4 (-)
Third channel:
The third channel is the same as the first and second channels. The terminal system is the same.

The third channel-

Terminal 5 (+)
Terminal 6 (-)

Fourth channel:
This is the last one and there are two terminals. The negative and positive terminals are in the same position as the previous three.

Fourth channel-

Terminal 7 (+)
Terminal 8 (-)

These are four channels and their eight terminals. So, let’s start the main process without any delay. Here’s a step-by-step guide for you.

Step 1: First take the wire with the double end of your speaker and cut both wires with the stripper. Separate the edge by about half an inch and remove the insulation.
Step 2: Now, move the screw of terminal 1, towards the first channel ant lock. Insert the red wire into it and fix the screw back with the screwdriver. Fix it in the positive option.
Step 3: Place the black wire on terminal 4, hook the negative output of the other channel and the screw. The negative wire is attached. You’ve worked with the speaker before.

Step 4: Now do the same with the other wire of the speaker. Place the red wire in Terminal 5 and the black wire in Terminal 8. The third and fourth channels are done in the same way.
Step 5: Tighten all screws and give it a final check. You’ve done it with a 4 channel amplifier bridge.


Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture of ourselves. But you can do it yourself without hesitation if you try the simple process suggested. Try it and amplify yourself.

Hope you found the article helpful. Thanks for staying with us.


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