what is the best amp modeler – Kemper vs Helix

There has been a huge wave of innovation and interest in amp models over the past decade. Easily bucketed into “great sound but expensive” or “cheap and fake”, the world of amp modeling has quickly turned into dozens of options, holding the gold standard for guitar tones with a handful of heavy hitters. Two of these companies are kemper vs helix.

Unless you deliberately avoid learning more about this hardware, you may have heard of recent developments. Computer processing was required with software such as the Line 6 POD form, now it can do everything that the software is capable of. With paddle-board models becoming more affordable and feature-packed, many guitarists are left wondering which option is best and why.

You know what makes an amp sound good. It’s a myriad of things, but the one thing that holds true across most amps is the power of dynamics and treble. Unfortunately, many amps today do not deliver an enjoyable sound to most of the listeners. That’s because many manufacturers Today, the market has become flooded with amps that do not produce any type of dynamic or treble character that’s enjoyable. What’s more, many of these amps can be had for cheap; this has led to a haven for those who do not particularly care for the sound

what is the best amp modeler – Kemper vs Helix

what is the best amp modeler - Kemper vs Helix

Kemper modeling amp

Kemper has been a key player in the modeling space for many years now and has shaped her audience through profiling. If you are unfamiliar with the profiling process, it is tantamount to creating your own continuity response. You dial in a real branch, open it in the Kemper, and a “profile” of that AMP is taken for immediate memory.

It is useful in the studio for a number of reasons, the least of which is being able to track guitars consistently from session to session. In addition, profiles are widely available and there are communities of guitarists, producers, and engineers who are all changing their profiles online.

Options are also available from professional profiles. People who are actively looking for great tons and unique AMP to create their profile and sell these arrests to you. This is a great way to expand your tunnel options without breaking the bank or finding rare, hard-to-find items.

Kemper vs Helix

Line 6 Helix

I’ll start by saying: Line 6 helix is a long-running one, and professionals are always divided on the usefulness of their products. The early days of POD hardware were a bit rough. It does not have the processing power that studio computers offer. With Helix, this is no longer a concern.

The latest line 6 hardware leaves the old POD form behind. They have found ease and flexibility in using Helix to support complex routing/signal chains and can be compared to highly reputable AMPs from manufacturers such as Vox, Marshall, and Fender. Since these AMP models have been built, Line 6 has a full-fledged research and development team that is constantly tweeting and improving the software behind the Helix. Introducing new models and effects and updating existing models.

kemper profiler vs line 6 helix

The difference between kemper vs helix amp

Kemper vs Helix which is easier to use?

The Kemper model features a relatively cluttered front panel that makes it a habit to approach with confidence.  Part of the modeling must be easy to use, whether you are a beginner or an experienced user because you will not have to issue instructions every time you want to use the device.

The Helix features more than one minimal panel with multiple responsive buttons for multiple functions, giving it a more straightforward interface. helix is ​​the winner in kemper vs helix.

Kemper vs. Helix which has better buttons and I / O panel?

The Kemper doesn’t feel like it’s connected to a helix. Unlike the Kemper, the Helix includes the latest buttons, each with a crisp and satisfying click. The I / O panel configurations of these two devices are relatively similar, and they both work the same, but they are organized in a slightly different way.

We prefer the configuration of the Helix’s I / O panel, as it includes variants and word clock outputs that are not present on the kemper. The I / O in the Helix is ​​also better organized, with the outputs logically connected, making it easier to find the jack you need, despite the more random I / O.

Tone Modeling Kemper vs Helix

When it comes to modeling, Kemper and Helix take a different approach, with kemper preferring to mimic the style of a vacuum tube amplifier. The result is another classic soundtrack that is difficult to replicate, but Kemper has done a great job. Instead of rotating a potentially incredible vacuum tube amplifier, you can create a very similar effect using a profiler, and we really appreciate its unique sound.

The helix embraces the digital amplitude commonly found on older parasites, rather than capturing sound.

More versatile modeling becomes an AMP, but it is less technically impressive than Kemper’s work. Of course, it’s hard to beat any of our competitors in this area, because every kind of tone modeling has its place, it just depends on the music you’re playing. Both have good quality and compared to kemper and helix so both have equal points.

which one is better Profiling kemper vs helix?

We think the Helix is ​​a better choice for built-in profiles because it relies more on them than the kemper, which has a lot more features for profiles already created for download. This results in bullying profiles that are much more loyal than kemper, but at a cost.

The Internet has made it easy for you to share profiles with others, and kemper has been designed with that in mind.

In order to reduce the number of profiles created, the profiler can use a large number of profiles created by community members, ranging from amateurs to studio heads. This greatly improves the device’s capabilities, as it can mimic almost any amplifier, provided the profile is created.

The redemption of the profile can be based on the sound you are trying to repeat and the profile creator.

Because the Helix relies on built-in profiles, they are far superior to community profiles that you can download at kemper. Although redemption with kemper community profiles can vary slightly, there is a wide selection, and some feature high quality while others have a little less loyalty. kemper is ​​the winner in kemper vs helix

which one has better display kemper vs helix?

This display works, but it doesn’t compare to the Helix screen at all. While the kemper display may have been impressive five years ago, the technology has advanced with the same advances as LED screens. Despite its relatively impressive design, the screen still presents all the information you need in an organized way.

At the other end, the Helix has a 6.2-inch display, which shows you the information in a slightly thicker form, making it easier to read.

The display also has a color code to make it easier to access the data you need at a glance. The screen is also relatively durable and resistant to scratches, a must if you plan to take the Helix with you on the go. helix is ​​the winner in kemper vs helix

which one has better floor kemper vs helix?

Both the kemper and Helix offer floorboard models that are suitable for stage use without the addition of a separate controller.

At the end of the kemper, the stage model is their main floor unit, and it is equipped with a remote grade switch system. The Helix Floor is their flagship floorboard unit and features 12 capacitive footswitches and a similar 6.2-inch deck-in rack unit. We prefer the helix floor on the kemper stage in this category.

which one has better rack kemper vs helix?

In addition to floor units, kemper and Helix offer rack-style modeling AMPs that easily fit into a wall, making it easy to carry all your luggage.

Helix specializes in floor units, so they offer only one style of product, known as a helix rack. At the other end, the kemper offers two different rack units, the first a basic profiler rack, and the second a different type of rack-powered, built-in amp.

which one has a better compact kemper vs helix?

Both product lines feature a compact modeling AMP designed to facilitate transportation without sacrificing more performance than full-size models.

The HX Stamp from the Helix includes more than 300 amps, effects, and three-foot cabs with cabs. kemper compact offering is a profiler head, designed to be easily transported on planes and trains. While the profiler head has more functionality features, the HX Stomp is much more compact.

which one has better value for money kemper vs helix?

Kemper products are a bit more expensive than the Helix, and when it comes to technology, they definitely offer more, with higher sound quality. Unfortunately, if you are on a budget, a kemper is not the ideal choice. Although the Kemper models are twice as expensive as the Helix, their performance is not as good . Unless you’re working in a professional environment, kemper’s high price point isn’t worth it.

Helix products are still expensive, even though they are close to mid-range from kemper’s advanced pricing scheme. This makes them more accessible to consumers on a budget. Although the Kemper modeling is cheaper than the AMP, the Helix does not lose anywhere near the performance you would expect. For any application outside of the professional studio environment, the difference between the sound quality of the Helix, Helix, and Kemper will hardly be noticeable.


Conclusion – Which Is Better?

If you are someone who talks to find tons,  Kemper will be your best bet. Although the price tag on both units is slightly higher than the other paddleboard setup, you need to understand how much you are leaving the unit with some effects. Both are constantly expanding, adding new tunnel options. With  Kemper, you’ll have a little idea of ​​what tons they’re going to make and where they’re coming from.

If, on the other hand, you have someone who appreciates a selection of industry-standard amps that have been carefully modeled, then the Line 6 Helix is ​​a very attractive option. It supports a very large bank of presets so you can dial and store your favorite signal chains. Need to tweak a bit on an amp on the fly? Helix lets you do it easily, whether you’re in the studio or on the road.

While kemper high price point will make you realize that their products are automatically better, they are actually a little less user-friendly than the Helix Guitar AMP. Lack of ease of use makes the Kamper model a little less attractive, especially if you are new to this type of product.

At the end of the day, the Helix is ​​a better choice for the majority of consumers because their modeling amps offer far more money than campers. However, if you are trying to get the best out of your modeling amp and you have an unlimited budget, Kemper products may be tailored to your needs.

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