What kind of amp for door speakers?

Getting an amp for your door speakers can be made easier to feel which one. A very difficult question for some people is “What kind of amp for door speakers?” Their many different factors to consider including installation, cost, power handling, and efficiency. In this article, we will explore these options and what kind of amp for door speakers?

What kind of amp for door speakers?

The best door speaker amp for a car is an amplifier that has two channels and also one that is RMS (root mean square) or one that is peak to peak. You can find out if an amp is RMS or peak to peak by asking the seller or by looking online.

Well, for an average head unit, you can go with 1-2 ohms. For an amp to drive front speakers, you can go with 4 ohms. If you are looking for a subwoofer, the impedance needs to be appropriately low so you will be able to get the right power, which is usually an 8-ohm subwoofer.

The size of the door speaker that you need is determined by the size of amp you are using to power them. 4-6 door speakers are good for up to 200 watts of power, 6×9 door speakers are good for up to 300 watts of power, 6.5 door speakers are good for up to 400 watts of power, 6.75 speakers are good for up to 400 watts of power, 6.75 coaxial speakers are good for up to 400 watts of power.

If you are installing 6.5 coaxial speakers, then you need at least a 6 channel amp. If you are installing 6.75 coaxial speakers, then you need at least a 6 channel amp. If you are installing 6.75 door speakers, then you need at least a 6 channel amp.

If you want good sound at low volume with lots of punch when the volume is cranked, I would suggest having two separate amps: one for the front and one for the rear. If you think you want to increase the power and volume, adding an amplifier for the rear speakers is probably the easiest and cheapest way to go.  The problem with this is that it doubles the number of things that can go wrong (it’s like having two computers rather than one, and there’s always a chance that one computer will fail and take the other with it).

If the front and rear amps are only driving one set of speakers each, then if one amp fails it can’t take out your other amp.  But either way, it’s a great idea to have an inline fuse and a switch for each pair of amps, just in case the speakers somehow “come unplugged” and start taking power from the amp.  The last thing you want is for them to take power from the amp and then blow the amp.

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Can you hook an amp to door speakers?

Yes, you can hook up an amplifier to the door speakers. But make sure the amp will work with the speakers. Usually, the speakers are wired in parallel, which means they are wired in a series loop. Same with the subs. As the door speakers are passive systems, you can wire them directly to the amplifier. Plug the positive wire to the positive terminal on the amplifier and the negative wire to the negative terminal.

if the amp has a speaker out jack or a speaker out terminal. The speaker terminal is a two-conductor wire that is connected to the + and – terminals of the speaker. So when you connect the speaker wire from the amp to the speaker terminal, then your door speakers will feed on the amp. If your amp does not have a speaker out jack or a speaker out terminal, then go to the head unit of the car and get the + and – speaker outputs. And then get speaker wire and connect it of the head unit of the car to the speaker out terminal of the amp.

Can you run door speakers on a 2 channel amp?

Yes, you can. Provided the speaker has a low impedance and the source is not too powerful, you can run the speaker off 2 channel amp. For example, .2x70w will give you enough power to run an 8inch door speaker under 250rms. Also, keep in mind that the speaker driver and amp work in synergy and one has to match the other in order to avoid distortion.

Although there are many models of 2-channel amplifiers that are rated at 2-ohm load, they are not exactly ideal speakers for doors. The reason is that the wattage rating of the amplifier is overrated. For instance, 500 watts of rated power can actually operate at 700 to 800 watts. Even though this is within the range of the speakers, the output will be distorted if you push the amplifier to its limits. Since the speakers are frequently driven hard, they will not last long. Hence, the amplifier is better suited for powering full-range speakers.

Do you need an amp for door speakers?

No, it is not a must! If a door speaker is a 4/5/6/8 inch speaker, then the amp is not a must. You can have your door speakers playing at a normal level by adding an a-pillar tweeter.  This tweeter is controlled by a crossover in the HU. This tweeter is a small speaker fixed to the car’s dashboard.

Generally, the door speakers are mounted near the ceiling, so they can offer just as much bass as other speakers. If you want to hear the maximum bass, then you should use an amplifier. If you don’t, you should at least connect them to an amplifier so the audio quality is enhanced. Most of the people who want to use an amplifier connect it to the head unit. But if you regularly use the door speakers, then it’s better to connect the amplifier to the door speakers.

Do I need an amp for aftermarket door speakers?

No, your door speakers are really not capable of producing enough power. If you want more volume out of your door speakers, you can buy a 3.1-channel amp to power your door speakers. It is also considered safer to have an amp powering the door speakers.


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